4 Factors That Determine How Much You Get From Your Junk Car

by Kristen White Blogger

The market price of scrap metal

The price of scrap fluctuates. Therefore, how much you’re likely to get from your junk car depends on the current market price. This price is usually driven by demand for scrap metal. Keep in mind that there’s a growing ship to higher environmental friendly material to match living standards. This significantly affects the price of steel. Therefore, junk car buyers might pay higher or lower according to market demand.

Car stripping

Most times, you might be tempted to strip the car of some usable parts and sell them as second-hand parts. This means that the car body is likely to remain without any reusable parts. The remaining body is usually fit for the junkyard. Keep in mind that the more re-usable parts a car has, the higher the likelihood of getting some good money. Additionally, it’s highly recommended to keep the car clean and free of all your personal belongings or garbage.
Towing requirement

Most junk cars are sold when they are no longer function properly and can’t be driven. Therefore, you will need a tow truck to move the truck to a towing company. Hiring a towing service to take the car to the company will obviously eat into the money you’re likely to get. The solution to this is by selling your junk car to a car removal for cash agency offering free towing service. This definitely has own tow trucks to pick the cars from customers’ locations. It will save you the time and money you would have invested in towing the car.

Deterioration of parts

The longer you wait to make up your mind to sell your old car, the more value it loses. Most of the parts are likely to deteriorate. By the time you call the car removal service, your car will be considerably less than if you had sold it much earlier. Car removal agencies invest in junk cars with a hope of extracting some reusable parts to sell as second-hand car parts. The higher the likelihood of getting more reusable parts, the higher the chances of the agency paying you some good money. You can only get this if you don’t let the car to sit in the yard for too long to lessen the risk of the parts deteriorating.

Presence of infestations

Keep in mind that leaving a car in one place unattended to will make it become a habitat for pest infestations and vermin. These are likely to eat away less durable parts and wires lowering your car value significantly. Ensure to dispose of your car before it begins attracting pests such as rats and snakes that even pose a safety and health risk to your household.
Unfriendly habits that might make your car become junk.

Driving it too hard

The way you handle your car plays a significant role in how it depreciates. Perhaps you slam it into reverse before coming to a complete stop. It might also be hitting curbs regular while on the road. Rough driving heavily depreciates a car and comes with other costs including regular repair bills, tyre replacement, and unnoticeable damage. Reckless driving and poor brake habits on the road make your car become junk sooner than expected.

Lacking a maintenance routine

Do you remember when you last had your car serviced? It’s highly recommended to check that your tyres and fluids are in good shape before hitting the road. The best idea is to have a service schedule for your car. This gives professionals a chance to check your car and make appropriate repairs. It will make your car parts give you more value and save you from surprises on the road.
Keeping your car dirty

Do you have a habit of piling up rubbish inside your car? It’s better you begin to pay attention to keeping your car clean always. Old food spoils, leaks, and stains make your car look filthy and unappealing. If you park it in the yard and begin calling people to come and give you some quick cash, your chances of success are few. A dirty car full of rubbish will look like a dump pit and no one will dare to stake their money into such a deal.


Selling your car to a removal agency is a smart idea. It allows getting some quick cash, leaves your yard free, and protects the environment. However, ensure to avoid the habits highlighted above to ensure you get top dollar from your junk car.

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