4 Benefits of a Package Air Conditioner in an Office

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For offices and big establishments, it is recommended to go for a package AC than split ACs. Since packaged ACs are not something one usually finds in households, people who are not aware of this type may want to know, ‘What is a packaged AC?’ A package AC has all of its components packaged inside a single cabinet. That’s where it gets its name from. But how does it make it a preferable choice for an office or a similar establishment? Here are the 4 benefits of a packaged AC:

1. Saves Interior Space

Offices and other commercial establishments can get cramped with all the desks and/or equipment. Further fitting ACs in the space, window or split, can further make the place congested. This can make any person feel slightly suffocated and nauseated in a cramped-up space where they have to manoeuvre every time they have to go from one part of the room to another. A packaged AC helps you counter this problem of AC. It can be installed on the roof. As a result, it does not occupy space that can be utilised for any other thing. When you have many packaged AC in a room, it can save a lot of space.

2. Easy Installation

The assembly of an HVAC package unit is done in a controlled environment inside a room. This ensures its workability upon installation. Further, because it is a single-unit system, the time requires for installation is lesser than the time required for the installation of a traditional split or window AC.

3. Easy Maintenance

If you ever have used an AC, you know that its maintenance is a cumbersome task, not only for the technicians involved but for the house and office members as well. This process is taxing and time-consuming. That problem can be done away with a packaged AC. Because the AC is packaged in a single unit and is installed outside, it’s much easier to run a maintenance check on it than with a traditional split or window AC. The technician does not have to climb up or walk into cramped up spaces for a maintenance check. This makes maintenance easier to perform for the technician and friendly for your pocket as well since it consumes less time.

4. Lowers Electricity Bill

Every AC purchase is followed by increasing electricity consumption. The bill at the end of the month can bring a new and surprising figure given how much AC you have used. ACs are powerful equipment and use a lot of energy. You cannot do away with it if you wish to use an AC. You can, however, reduce your electricity bill with a packaged AC. A packaged AC is much more power-efficient than traditional AC. It can reduce the cost of your electricity bill by at least 10%.

For offices and other business establishments, it is always the better choice to opt for a packaged AC. Make sure to check out the available options to decide the best one for your establishment. The process will be slow and require deliberation, but in the end, it will be worth the time and money.

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