3 Reasons why Sports are Important for School Students

by Himani Mathur Content Writer
Sports may be defined as a recreational activity involving skill and physical exertion, wherein two or more individuals or teams compete against one another for the entertainment of the players and spectators alike. Involvement in sports is beneficial in a number of ways, as it helps a person stay in shape and remain physically fit and healthy. Sporting activities also entertain and uplift the players and viewers alike, thus enhancing emotional stability and mental wellbeing.

The best schools in the modern world provide top of the line sporting facilities and related infrastructure so that students can reach and exceed their sporting potential while also staying healthy and fit. Most of the top schools in India and around the world strongly encourage students to participate and excel in sporting events and competitions.

Some of the reasons why residential, as well as day schools, should definitely lay special emphasis on sports have been listed below.

Physical wellbeing: Sport involves strenuous physical activity and exercise. These are of great importance in the modern world, where the sedentary lifestyles of a majority of people have led to the exponential growth of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension. Children leading sedentary lives are as susceptible to these ailments as adults. Sports give children an opportunity to leave their mobile phones and video games behind and participate in regular physical exercise. Therefore, sporting activities help improve appetites, build muscle mass and enhance a person’s resistance to ailments and diseases.

Mental health: Sports also help to improve the mood of players and spectators alike. They help develop communication and team building skills in children. Sports and games give introverted children an avenue to work together with their peers and make friends, thus better integrating them into the society. Sports also help students find a productive avenue for working through their frustration, aggression, etc. Regular involvement in sporting activities improves social bonding and motivation while minimizing feelings of depression, loneliness and isolation. 

Passion: A school must not be exclusively focused on the academic development of students. Rather, a good school must provide each student with the opportunity to follow his or her own passions and interests and thus become a trailblazer in that field, rather than a mediocre worker in a more mainstream profession. A school must have sufficient sporting infrastructure and facilities to identify and nurture the talents of athletically inclined students. This will help improve students’ engagement with the school and facilitate the all-round development of individuals and groups of youngsters. It will also enable and empower students to achieve their dreams in the future, rather than blindly chasing conventional goals.

Hence, if you are looking for a good and affordable boarding school for boys and girls wherein to enroll your child, then you should definitely consider a school that focuses on the all-round development of each student. You should scour the internet for a boarding school in your area that has a robust sports department as well as specialist coaches for each type of sport. After all, sport is not just about physical activity. Rather, it is an important means of developing resilience, team building, interpersonal and leadership skills in children.

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