3 More Ways to Say Thank You while Not Actually Saying Thank You

by Benjamin Patry Learn English for every situation

When you are thinking of getting an expert in the English language, especially in speaking, it is necessary for you to know how you can use an expression in your talks while not repeating the same words again and again. If you are wondering what expressions we are talking about, then here is one of the most common i.e., “thank you.” If you start looking for the most overused word or phrase in English, then surely you know “thank you” will be at the top of the list. So, when you are thinking of becoming a pro in English conversations, just as confident as natives are, you need to know how you can say words like “thank you” in various other ways than repeating the same phrase again and again.

So, here, in the following points, we have put together a few examples that you can use in your regular conversations to express thankfulness and gratitude while you are meaning to say thank you. In fact, when you learn English phrases like this, it will enhance your general English knowledge too and you will discover how interesting it can be to speak in this foreign language. Take a look at the following instances to know more.

“I Appreciate / Value You”
Maybe you are thankful to someone for just being there for you, for having your back. When you are feeling that you should thank them, you need not “thank you.” Well, even though it expresses how you feel, why not trying something different? Instead of saying ”thank you”, say “I appreciate / value you.” This will emphasize the fact that how important this person is to you. You can say this to anyone, your parents, your friends, or your partner. And they will be assured how you feel for them. This is one of the most popular 50 phrases in English that can make you feel really confident about your English-speaking prowess.

“Where Would I Be Without a Friend Like You!”
There is an old clichéd saying that you cannot say thanks to a friend. And why would you? Friends are supposed to be there unconditionally and have your back. So, obviously, you are not supposed to say thanks. But there are times when you feel that you need to thank them for real. And that is when you can say the phrase, “Where Would I Be Without a Friend Like You!” This one shows how indispensable you think that the friend is to you. This way you will be able to express the gratitude to not only to your friend but also to the fact or fate that has made you two such close buddies. And when you want to learn English grammar, this sentence can be a good lesson too as you get to learn using exclamations in a different way.

“I Truly Enjoy Working with You”
It can be your colleague, your team lead or even your boss you can be thankful to, fora great working experience. Or it can be a friend with whom you are doing a school project too. Since you liked working with them, expressing that is a worthy gesture. But a thank you doesn’t really sum up the feeling well in an informal way. So, instead of that, you can say “I Truly Enjoy Working with You” which is more convenient to use on the said occasions.

So, now as you know about these famous phrases in English that you can use instead of thank you, start using them today. To know more such phrases, enroll with an online English course that offers you more real life-like situations to understand where you can use these phrases more effectively.

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