3 Key Aspects to Look Into While Choosing a Dual Diagnosis Disorder Treatment Facility

by Stify George Eating Disorder Therapist

When it comes to choosing the correct mental health centre for dual diagnosis treatment programs there are sundry vital elements you need to check for. You should make certain that you are handing yourself over the best possibilities to garner sizeable benefits and remarkable success from the treatment. Find yourself one of the top rated dual diagnosis treatment centers in Atlanta that serve the significant components as mentioned next to the hilt.

1.      Trained and qualified staff

A co-occurring or dual diagnosis disorder takes shape when a person is subjected to a mental health malady and a substance abuse simultaneously. Our outpatient rehab in Atlanta has unrivalled recognition to provide the finest standards of excellence and quality in doling out substance abuse treatments. Not just that, certified and well-trained staff members are essential prerequisites to treat mental health afflictions.

Before enlisting yourself in a treatment program, make necessary enquiries about the qualifications, experience and expertise of the staff members who will be supervising your treatment. On the off chance, you are already aware of the diagnosis of your co-occurring mental disorder such as recurrent depressive attacks, paranoid schizophrenia or eating disorder, clinics offering you the treatment must have the necessary competence to hold a sway over your specific condition.

2.      Integrated treatment

Studies carried out by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) have concluded that patients suffering from co-occurring ailments have increased success potentials with an integrated treatment model that includes diverse treatment methods with the goal that every patient gets the best chance to discover the most suitable treatment modality.

As indicated by SAMHSA, dual diagnosis treatment programs should incorporate mental health and substance abuse interventions together. Staff members should be adept in nursing both conditions for the patient to receive an all-encompassing healthcare experience.

Treatment plans offered by top dual diagnosis treatment centers take in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and motivational intercessions hinging on a patient’s distinct recovery stage. Co-occurring disorder interventions should also consolidate psychotherapy and behavioural therapies as necessary.

Before you get yourself enrolled in one of the top dual diagnosis treatment centers, want to know whether the center utilizes an integrated treatment pattern for co-occurring illnesses.

3.      Flexibility

Dual diagnosis disorders have the character of being profoundly malleable. In many cases as the patient encounters changes in psychological health symptoms, the patient likewise experiences variations in the addiction symptoms and the other way round.

While a few treatment programs adhere to a disciplined and rigid framework which a patient is required to heed, there are others that are flexible and will enable patients to come into contact with each condition during any stage of the recovery process. Ferret around a treatment program that’s keen to cater to your needs and extend full cooperation resting on how your dual diagnosis disorder responds to the treatment.

It's really troublesome to sustain yourself with a co-occurring disorder, however locating the best and privileged mental health and wellness treatment facility can enable you to realize success in your recovery.

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