3 Best Benefits of Using Halal Cosmetics

by Leena Joseph Beauty Queen

When you hear the word halal, the first thing that comes to mind is the religion, Islam. This is because they use this word to describe the things they are allowed to eat. But, this time, it went beyond religious terms and used it to describe various products, including halal cosmetics.

What is Halal Makeup? 

These do not contain ingredients derived from non-halal slaughtered animals or any of the following: 

  • It will not contain any part of prohibited animals such as pigs and dogs. This means that things like fat, gelatin, collagen, etc. should not be included.

  • It should not contain human organs or products derived from the human body, which means that it does not use human stem cells.

  • It should not contain any kind of alcohol. 

  • It must be non-contaminating during preparation, processing, production and storage.

Benefits of Halal Cosmetics 

1) It is Carmine Free 

Lipstick is an essential part of any makeup routine. It comes in a variety of colors, from nude to pastel to red. Red lips are perfect for many beauty gurus. But did you know that many of them contain dead insects? It is true. Your red lips may contain a substance called "carmine". It is a red pigment that is extracted from a female insect called cochineal (also known as cochineal). The bug is harvested, sun-dried and ground to make it red. Therefore, if it is something that makes you uncomfortable or if your religion forbids it, you should look for products that are halal approved, they are filled with pigments that do not contain any animal ingredients. ! After all, it's 2022. Isn't it time for wild beauty products?! 

2) It is All Inclusive 

The beauty and cosmetics industry still has a long way to go, but with the introduction of game changers like halal makeup products, a day when women from different races and religions find it difficult to find products that they have ability to use. Now, with the rise of halal cosmetics, no one will compromise their principles or their needs. They are finally being put in a market that has been closed for a long time. 

3) It is Clean and Safe

One of the reasons why halal makeup is becoming a global phenomenon in the cosmetics industry is because of the strict rules and regulations that are followed to make it a halal product. Halal values ​​the whole life, which means it goes beyond what is used to include packaging, manufacturing and distribution. Other requirements state that clean containers must be used to handle halal beauty products. This is attractive to many buyers, because they can be sure that the products have been designed and produced well and without any problems. 

To learn more about what Halal means clearly to Lafz, see the in-depth explanation at

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