2 Questions to Ask Yourself before Undergoing Breast Implant Surgery

by Sarah Morris Consultant
One of the most widely conducted cosmetic surgeries around the world is breast augmentation. It has made innumerable women happy. Plastic surgeons have also progressed in the way they “transform” female breasts. 

Undergoing this cosmetic procedure is purely a personal choice. Nobody should coax you into this procedure. This isn’t something you do just because your hubby/boyfriend doesn’t like your existing breast size and want them bigger or you wish a better social and/or professional acceptance.
Surgery for breast augmentation implants in MD does not guarantee that your partner will find you attractive after the procedure or you would climb the social or professional ladder. 

Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Are you truly unhappy with your present breast size?
  • Do you really wish to undergo this procedure?

You must answer “yes” to BOTH the questions; only then decide about undergoing this procedure. 

What if you are unhappy with the breast size, but don’t want breast implants?

There could be three reasons:

  1. You are fearful of the surgery.
  2. You have not much knowledge about the procedure.
  3. You simply don’t want to undergo it.

Breast augmentation surgery is relatively easier. So, if fear is holding you back, schedule an initial consultation with the best surgeon in town to clear your doubts and fears. 

Of course, this is a surgery and, like any other surgery, you need pre- and post-surgical care. Know the pros and cons, risks involved, and after-care. Be ready to follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully. 

When you say the final “yes,” you mustn’t have an iota of doubt or any query in your mind. 

Clarify thoroughly. Ask questions, even if they sound silly to you. The surgeon won’t find them silly. You are the one who will go under the knife, so you’d better know what you are getting into, what the risks are, and how it will benefit you. 

The lack of knowledge should not deprive you of such an amazing cosmetic procedure. 

A survey reveals that the procedure boosts women’s confidence and make them feel more beautiful. 

However, if you want bigger breasts, yet simply don’t want to undergo the procedure, please don’t. This is entirely your personal choice. Respect your choice and find other ways to make your breasts look fuller like dressing up in a particular manner, using padded bras, and others. 

Thinking of the cost, are you?

Affordable breast implants are available. However, don’t be too obsessed with the idea of saving money. You might end up with an inexperienced surgeon who promises you cheap implants. This could be a disaster. 

Yet, choosing a board-certified and experienced surgeon does not mean you must break the bank. It is possible to get breast implants at a sane price. 

Your first step is to find a qualified and reputable surgeon in town. Meet him/her. Discuss everything about the procedure, including total cost. Insurance companies usually do not cover cosmetic procedures done purely for beautification purpose. They may cover a reconstructive cosmetic surgery. 

Keep a balance of things – the cost, your expectations, and your excitement. 

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