15 Best Family Reunion T-Shirt Design Ideas

by Alice Jackson Small Business Consultant

When it comes to true and unconditional love, no one can surpass family.  Family reunions are celebrations of such true connections. It is an occasion where the family members, living away from each other, come together on a particular day and enjoy. This effort helps families strengthen bonds and catch up on the latest updates of their loved ones. 

During family reunions, members exchange gifts and spend time at places of their choice. But what makes the occasion more thrilling and fascinating is the resemblance of clothes.  And when it comes to clothing, people usually love to wear custom t-shirts. Why? It is because they are economical and can be worn by people of all ages. 

What is that common thing that make family t-shirts so adorable? Well, they usually host a fun theme that can be related to every member. But this theme should be different every year since the members would likely want to share their family reunion moments on their social media.

Designing a t-shirt may seem to be fun, but coming up with unique ideas can be quite challenging. Therefore, we have come up with this blog where we will be sharing the best family reunion t-shirt design ideas to fuel your inspiration. Let’s get started!

15 Best Family Reunion T-Shirt Design Ideas

  1. Proud to Be” Family Reunion T-shirt:

                                                                           E:\EVERTIME LATEST DATA\Desktop\tshirt idea 1.jpg

This idea lets you host some family pride! Get ‘Proud to Be a (Last name and year) Family Reunion’ printed on your t-shirt. No matter whether you are hosting the get-together at a restaurant, local park, or entertainment venue, this t-shirt will show everyone how proud you are of your family and how strong your family bond is.

  1. Our Family Rocks T-shirt:

                                                                    E:\EVERTIME LATEST DATA\Desktop\tshiort idea 2.jpg

If you think that you have a rocking family, this can be a perfect t-shirt for your next family reunion occasion. These ‘Our’ t-shirts are perfect to showcase how happy you are to be a member of a family that simply rocks. 

  1. Family Tree T-shirt:

                                                                E:\EVERTIME LATEST DATA\Desktop\t-shirt3.jpg

Shout out some cheer at your growing family by using a family tree as your design inspiration. You can use the family tree symbol in so many ways. For instance, you can use the leaves as a symbol of the different sub-families or you can use the tree to refer to the ‘roots’ of your family. There are no limits to what you can do with this family tree design. Wear this t-shirt to your family reunion occasion and let everyone know your love for them.

  1. Family Cartoon T-shirt:

                                                                           E:\EVERTIME LATEST DATA\Desktop\t-shirt4.jpg

Cartoons are one of those things that always manage to bring a smile on everyone's faces. Make your family reunion more joyful and memorable by wearing this family cartoon t-shirt. To cartoonize your family, you first need to draw a rough sketch by using your family photo. Scan and import it onto a graphic design tool. Outline and color each of the characters and export the image. You can then use the image to create a t-shirt online by using a t-shirt maker tool. If you are not an artist or you don’t want to create a design on your own, go ahead and hire a professional graphic designer.

  1. Family Over Everything T-shirt:

                                               f                           E:\EVERTIME LATEST DATA\Desktop\t-shirt5.jpg

Undoubtedly, family is the most important thing for everyone.  Show your love for family and how they will always be your priority over everything else by designing this t-shirt. You can wear this t-shirt even when you do not have a reunion. Go ahead and get one created now!

  1. It’s a Family Thing T-shirt:

                                                                           E:\EVERTIME LATEST DATA\Desktop\t-shirt6.jpg

Giggling, complaining and yet still sticking with each other — this is such a family thing, isn’t it? This cool shirt will remind you of all such family things. Go on, get it for everyone in your family and let others know that your family matters! 

  1. Family is Life’s Greatest Blessing T-shirt:

If you have someone who can do anything for you and you can do the same, you are lucky, you have a family! Remind each of your family member of what a blessing they are with this t-shirt design. You can also wear this t-shirt during regular days. 

  1. Grandpa’s Gang T-shirt:

                                                                                   E:\EVERTIME LATEST DATA\Desktop\t-shirt 8.jpg

Grandparents always think about their children and grandchildren and stick around through every thick and thin. Their love is beyond the worldly limits of unconditionality and sometimes even anticipation. If you agree and dearly love your grandparents, go ahead and design this t-shirt for family reunion occasions, and show them just how proud you are to have them in your life. Grandchildren can also get this t-shirt designed for their family reunion occasions and surprise their grandparents.     

  1. Together is Our Favorite Place To Be T-shirt:

                                                                      E:\EVERTIME LATEST DATA\Desktop\t-shirt9.jpg

A family may not have it all, but together they do have it all! After all, together is the favorite place to be when you are a part of a loving family. This t-shirt design is perfect to celebrate the bond between you and your family and show the world how close you are. 

  1. Love My Tribe T-shirt:

                                                                                  E:\EVERTIME LATEST DATA\Desktop\t-shirt10.jpg

Your family is your tribe for life. They not only tolerate your peculiarities but celebrate and cherish them as much as you. If you are proud of your crazy tribe, flaunt it at your family reunion occasion by wearing this t-shirt. Cherish your family bond and create beautiful memories for a lifetime.

  1. #’Surname’ Family Reunion T-shirt:

If you want to keep your t-shirt design simple, then use a new age # and then put your family name, for example: ‘#Wilson Family Reunion’. One great thing about this t-shirt is that you can use the tag to post pictures on social media. Also, it would be funny for your uncles, aunts, or grandparents to wear a t-shirt with a hashtag reference. They may not know the meaning of the symbol (#), but they would appreciate the thought of having a custom family reunion t-shirt.          


  1. Cruising to the ‘Surname’ Family Reunion T-shirt :

Here cruising doesn’t refer to expensive ships. It is an advert of the trips you take by driving a car. If you have a family who likes cars, racing or travelling, then this could be that unique family reunion t-shirt for you. You can also print the t-shirt with some fun and related taglines like “Pit Stop at the Wilson Family Reunion.’  

  1. Family Shields T-shirt:

Some families have crests or shields as an ancestral heritage. If your family is one of those, then you cannot have any other design better than this one. Print those shields/crests on your t-shirts along with the tagline ‘Wilson Family Reunion Year.’ You can also make a family logo out of that print and use them on other custom items like caps, sweatshirts, jackets, etc. 

  1. Fast Food Family T-shirt:

                                                                  E:\EVERTIME LATEST DATA\Desktop\fast food t-shirt.png

If your family loves fast food, then pull your foodie family closer with this funny fast food t-shirt. Don’t forget to print the name of the family member, along with their favorite food items. Having this design for your next family reunion t-shirt will surely get you a lot of fun comments on social media.

  1. Fam Vibes T-shirt:

                                                            E:\EVERTIME LATEST DATA\Desktop\fam vibes.jpg

When we are closer to our loved ones — especially family members, we ooze positive vibes. This shirt with a great Fam Vibes slogan is just what you need for your next family reunion occasion! 

Some Useful Tips to Design Family Reunion T-shirts:

  • For the respective male and female members, design t-shirts in two different colors.

  • If it’s a themed reunion, incorporate the theme in the design too

  • You can also add a state clip art to the design to include your family origin. 

  • Always follow the less is more mantra. Don’t overdo the design.


So, folks, these are some of the best designs that you can wear during your family reunions. If you want to explore more of such t-shirt design ideas, then Designhill is your one stop solution. This platform offers a t-shirt maker tool that comes with thousands of in-built designs to choose from. You can also hire a freelance graphic designer to design a t-shirt at affordable prices. 

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