11 Useful Spotify Tips and Tricks

by Anna Mathew Digital marketer

"Spotify" is a digitalized song streaming service that provides various genres of music, videos and podcasts from a number of artists all over the globe. It streams music from "Amazon Music Unlimited," and "Apple Music."

There are two editions of "Spotify": Free and Premium

Here, we are going to provide various tricks to use "Spotify" and get the best of it by abiding these easy to use points:

Data Vs Quality

One can use the unlimited streaming services of "Spotify" either on smartphone or PC. Both the editions provide the facility to users for streaming and downloading the particular music and video. It gives a compatible balance between its quality and data. You can modify your selections by using the "Settings" menu.

Managing Streaming Settings on PC

        First of all, you have to launch "Settings." 

        After that, navigate to the "Music Quality" option.

        Hit the tab "Streaming Quality" and navigate to the pull drop menu to choose between various quality options like very high, high and normal to stream your favorite music.

Managing Streaming Settings on Smartphone

        Firstly, go to the "Library" tab and then look for the "Settings," then hit it to expand.

        Now, choose your desired streaming quality option by navigating the "Music" quality.

Note: You will find the quality option under the menu "Streaming Quality." 

Using "last.FM" Service

Spotify has a dedicated new song searching service called "," that helps you to discover new songs, but you have to create an account on "" After creating the account, you can directly connect to "Spotify", and you can browse through the music list and its genres.

Spotify Singing Along Feature

This feature enables you to sing your favorite lyrics along with the music. If you don't wish to sing the music, then you can know and listen to the particular music lyric for your enjoyment. Spotify saves the lyric for your favorite music for that you have marked. To do so, you have to tap on the image of the music album, while the song is streaming on your device.

Note: Some of the music have integrated already that you can listen through "Spotify." 

Arranging Music

Spotify provides the option to queue up your desired songs that you wish to listen. It will automatically play the next queued song in the list. You can add on additional songs for playing one by one. 

        Hit the "Ellipse" tab located just after the music track.

        Then, select "Add to queue" option there.

Note: You can also add a particular song even when a song is underplaying mode.

One could also check the queued playlists and also the song history by tapping the "Queue" tab located at the lower right-hand side of your desktop or by hitting the "queue" menu alternatively on your smartphone application.

Checking Music Track

Spotify provides another great feature to hear the preview of your favorite soundtrack. It lets you remember and identify what the song is by tapping and holding the particular music title. It lets you know the fast preview of your soundtrack. You can listen as you wish to hear.

Following Your Favorite Artists

One can use the Artist's page to follow them to get the latest releases, genres, concerts and other information about the song. Spotify provides the path/option to follow your favorite music artist. It lets you know various information, lyrics, upcoming releases, etc. 

If you wish to follow your music artist, then tap on Artist's name and then it brings you to the particular music and artists page.

Crossfading the Music

To get rich music crossfading experience in Spotify, you can use its "crossfade" feature to get the best out of it. 

        Firstly, tap the "Settings" menu.

        Now, hit the "Playback" option there.

        Next, tap the option "Crossfade" by hitting the particular selection.

        Go to the "Advanced Settings" option and then tap on "Crossfade" to activate the option.


Using Voice Commands to Launch Music Tracks

Spotify provides the voice assistance feature to expand or pull out your favorite soundtrack. It becomes a useful tool while you are driving a vehicle, and you can't change the song manually. Then, you have to tap the mic tab located on your smartphone and then ask the device to stream your desired song. After a bit, when it pulls out the song, then hit it to play.

Using Cooperative Music Playlists

        First of all, you have to create a fresh playlist.

        Now, right-click your created playlist.

        Next, hit the option "Make it Collaborative" from the pull-drop menu.

        After that, add friends that you wish to add-on with your playlist partner.

 Your friends may add on their desired music to playlist after adding by you.

Restoring Removed Playlists

        If you have removed your playlist by mistake, then you can recover them by visiting the website of "Spotify" and then tap on your profile.

        Then, hit the recover option to get it back.

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