10 Tips for Selecting Healthy Frozen Foods

by Osheen Kharbanda blogger

The Coronavirus pandemic has made people across the globe realize the significance of having high immunity and maintaining a disease-free and healthy lifestyle. When people found it difficult to obtain fresh eatables during the extended lockdown, the frozen food market heated up! Healthy frozen food containing more flavourful and natural ingredients resulted in the massive growth of the frozen food market. 

The current frozen food market has something for everyone, ranging from vegan, gluten-free, and organic to ethnic, natural and even artisan. However, the challenge remains to choose healthy frozen foods that can satisfy your hunger, fuel your body correctly, and ensure a minimum intake of sodium and other unhealthy ingredients. Though frozen food involves some preservatives, a few tips can enable you to choose the best from the lot. Hence, we bring ten tips on selecting the healthiest frozen foods to help you make a responsible and educated decision.

#1 Aim for more than 5 grams of fibre.

Pick frozen eatables like vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and other plant-based ingredients with at least 5 grams of fibre per serving for a healthy gut and feeling fuller for longer.

#2 Aim for more than 15 grams of protein.

Apart from building strong muscles, skin, bones, and blood, proteins help maintain immunity and balanced fluid levels. Therefore, having a protein-rich diet increases satiety and helps with weight management.

#3 Opt for plain frozen vegetables without additional seasoning.

When added to frozen vegetables, sauces and cheeses can contribute to higher calories and sodium content, so you should buy plain frozen vegetables and season them yourself. 

#4 Keep sodium less than 600 mg.

Excess of sodium can strain your heart and kidneys and lead to bloating. Hence, opting for frozen food with fewer than 600 mg of sodium per serving will be an intelligent decision.

#5 Look for unsweetened, 100% frozen fruits.

Frozen fruits picked and flash-frozen at the peak of ripeness are more nutritious than their fresh counterparts. Therefore, go for 100% frozen fruits with zero added sugars or syrups.

#6 Cut down on fried and breaded foods.

No matter how lip-smacking they may taste, fried and breaded eatables contain excess sodium, calories, and fat. Hence, non-vegetarians should consider plain chicken or fish, while vegetarians should go for nutrient-rich veggies.

#7 Choose sustainable, low mercury level fish.

Fish-lovers should choose low mercury, frozen fish like salmon, shrimp, and oysters. Apart from being healthy, they can be a convenient and budget-friendly way to add seafood to your diet. 

#8 Opt for balance.

Select meals that offer a good balance of vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein to get the most out of your frozen meals.

#9 Keep an eye on the caloric intake.

To keep your calorie intake in check, choose frozen foods containing ~400-500 calories. However, a calorie deficient diet can leave you unsatisfied. Therefore, find meals with sufficient calories, or pair them with a side dish or salad.

#10 Review the ingredients before purchase.

Before you add meals to your cart, closely look at the ingredients list. If it contains items you don't know or can't even pronounce, it is a good indication that you should avoid it. Also, limit frozen foods with multiple preservatives because the shorter the ingredients list, the better the eatable. 

These tips will help you make intelligent, educated decisions to ensure a healthy life for you and your loved ones. However, for days when you do not feel like cooking, you can always opt for ready-to-eat frozen meals from Haldiram's, one of India's best food outlets. Haldiram's frozen food is loaded with healthy ingredients that contain a perfect balance of nutrients. So visit their website now and fill your refrigerators with lip-smacking yet healthy frozen food.

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