10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills In 2022

by azi mah English & Writing Classes

These days, many kids learn the English language gradually in school and at home through communicating, but not everyone is able to write effectively. There are many important points that children need to be aware of such as grammar rules, vocabulary, correct use of verbs and tenses, etc.

Learning and understanding all the essential rules of the English language can help the students to share their points of view and opinions very accurately. Therefore, it is very essential to develop effective writing skills which will help the children in academic successes and professional fields as well. 

So, here are some ways through which students can learn and improve it.

10 Ways To Enhance Effective Writing Skills For Students

  • Promote Reading Habit

One of the useful ways to make your writing skills better is through reading. It is the key to get exposed to grammar rules, sentence structures, writing techniques, and vocabulary. So, every student should read books, magazines, newspapers, etc. 

The most suitable way to write on anything is to read about a particular topic from the internet, books, etc. Reading will help in writing down the ideas and thoughts appropriately. Moreover, it will help and make the students understand how to form a correct paragraph. 

For instance, you have to write on a topic, "the importance of festivals". Students can get ideas by reading the books related to festivals and grasp the information about it.

  • Get The Clarification From The English Dictionary

There are many words that students are not aware of. So, it will be better to use the English dictionary and get the clarifications. It helps to learn the synonyms and antonyms of the different terms which are very useful to understand the meaning of the sentences. 

Getting familiar with the different new words and their synonyms and antonyms will help you use them to form meaningful sentences. Thus, students can improve their effective writing skills by taking the guidance from the dictionary. 

  • Improve The Grammar

Grammar is an essential key to comprise the structure of the sentences. To improve the writing skills, every student should know the basic knowledge of the language. Use the correct form of verbs, voices, tenses, and parts of speeches. 

Keep in mind to write the sentences in an active voice. It helps the reader understand very well what you want to convey. Do not use the passive voice as it makes the reading complex and no one will be able to understand what is written. 

So, to learn how to perfectly create sentence structures, opt for the online services. Join the creative writing class online where the instructors will help you create your ideas and effectively write them. 

  • Study The Writing Techniques

There are effective writing techniques that are helpful to write an engaging composition, essay, etc. For instance, narrative, descriptive, expository, and persuasive. These are useful in conveying your point of view and thoughts impressively.

Let's take the example of the descriptive writing technique. The goal of this style is to form a picture of the incident in the reader's mind. Thus, everyone will be able to feel and understand the story better. 

Moreover, the descriptive writing technique improves the readability of your writing. Readers better visualize the scene that is described in the story which can build an emotional bond. Hence, they can enjoy the story in a more pleasing way. 

For example, the topic is, "How to save the earth". Students need to explain every problem we are facing today. Just describe all the factors which are the reason behind it. Such as pollution, weather change, global warming, deforestation, etc. By describing the details properly, you can create your writing more likable to the readers.

  • Review The Spellings

Having spelling mistakes indicates that your writing skills are poor. Grammatical errors can block even the right piece of composition or essay. In addition, it makes it difficult for the readers to understand what you have written. 

So, it is very important to check the spelling after finishing your writing. Thus, with an error-free composition or essay, a reader will be able to understand clearly. 

  • Learn To Make The Sentences In Details

To develop effective writing skills, students need to understand that the sentence structures should be short. It reduces the complexity and clears the readers of what is said in the paragraph. Every child needs to learn the essential components of grammar such as adjectives, verbs, nouns, and prepositions which helps to form accurate sentences. 

There are picture-filled books available in the market. Kids can take the help and learn to make the sentence formation in detail. 

  • Practice Diary Writing

It is the most promising way children should consider to develop effective writing skills. So, make diary writing an everyday routine and explain what you did throughout the day. It will help a child start learning how to write in a simple way. 

In addition, diary writing will improve the ability of the children to express their thoughts efficiently. Moreover, it will help the students to keep eye on their improvement by checking the pages they have written so far. 

  • Make A Habit Of Creating An Outline

Creating an outline will be helpful to arrange the writing materials you’re going to write. There are many ways kids can follow to improve their writing skills. Such as organizing the series of thoughts and information related to the topic.

Besides this, students can create a sequence of introduction, main body part, and conclusion of the topic. The outline will allow the kids to communicate their views and ideas in a logical way. 

  • Play Games 

Story prompts and online puzzles are the best way to develop effective writing skills. These fun activities will encourage the kids to write while enjoying the learning process. Moreover, it will make easy for the students to memorize the words they learn while playing the games. 

Consequently, knowing different terms will enhance the vocabulary which will be helpful in improving the writing skills.

  • Proofread Your Writing

Keep this into consideration that every student should do proofreading after writing. This is a useful way to know that you have correctly written all the words, sentences, and grammar structures. In addition, it ensures that the reader will be able to read and understand easily.

So, proofread the writing material as it will save your hard work from getting wasted. If you find any mistakes, just do the corrections and make it error-free.


There are many benefits of writing skills. It will help the students to write the compositions, essays, letters in school examinations which can lead to good academic results. Additionally, in the future, children will be able to work in professions where writing skills are very mandatory. Moreover, a kid will be able to communicate with others by having a good knowledge of the English language.

There are many books that the students can read to help enhance their writing skills. They can learn the grammar rules and writing techniques so that it becomes easy to communicate their thoughts with the readers easily and accurately.

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