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Businesses have been eager to use mobile apps ever since they realized their full potential. Given that there are 6.648 billion smartphone users globally (83.72% of the world population), why would anyone want to ignore them? And things don't stop here. According to estimates, more than 7.5 billion people are expected to have a smartphone by 2026.

Currently, the typical smartphone user has 80 apps loaded on their device, of which they use 10 on average daily. Given the sheer number of people using the app, it would be foolish for businesses to stay out of this market.

This blog will discuss the benefits of mobile apps for businesses as well as the essential components of a well-designed mobile app. Now, without any further delay, let's get started.

Value of mobile applications for companies

A mobile app gives your company an edge and facilitates customer acquisition and retention. Here are some advantages:

Increase Customer Loyalty

Compared to traditional websites, apps offer much greater interactivity and access speed. Additionally, because mobile apps should be available on smartphones, they aid in the instantaneous development of customer relationships and win their loyalty.

For example, customers who shop at Starbucks receive one star as part of their Star Points rewards program. Additionally, customers who receive five of these stars are eligible for various discounts, sometimes including a free drink. These types of loyalty programs are a large part of Starbucks' dedicated and large customer base. Use appropriate customer loyalty software and put into practice tried-and-true strategies to foster customer loyalty.

Increase Your Utility

Mobile phones are more accessible. All a customer has to do is click to get anything they need. Customers will use your brand more often when they feel comfortable making a purchase and interacting with it. In business, there is a saying, “The easier it is to reach you, the more people will come to you.

If customers have a positive experience with it they are much more likely to recommend your app to others. This will accelerate your growth and ensure that you are always one step ahead of your competitors.

Helps In Creating Prospect Database

When a consumer downloads your app to make a purchase, you have another way to get additional information about them. You can use user data for your other marketing channels if they allow you to collect it.

As a business, this information can be beneficial in determining what attracts and repels customers. Your recommendations will be stronger and you will be able to significantly exceed your customers' expectations with more data available to you.

Helps Increase Profits

If you're unfamiliar with Domino's, you may not be a true pizza lover. It is America's top pizza restaurant chain, with pre-tax profits of 28% in the first half. Has the population of pizza lovers increased so much in the last six months?

No, the primary reason was their app launch for in-store pickup and online delivery. Customers found the mobile app to be easy to use, and the excellent customer support resulted in increased sales and profits. Businesses can significantly increase their revenue by developing an app or Hire App Developer that solves a problem and improves the customer experience.

What Makes A Mobile App Successful?

Other elements are as important to the success of your mobile app as the features it offers. Your foundation needs to be clear before you release your mobile app, and you also need to ensure that performance stays maintained over time.

These are some pointers to help make your mobile application successful.

Know Your Audience

Prioritize your understanding of your audience. Whatever you intend to create, if you don't know who will use it, it will never be successful. Understanding your target market will help you assess whether your app has a realistic chance of being successful. Additionally, you will know which channels to use and how to market to these customers.

So how does one know one's audience? Consider visualizing data and insights, monitoring trends, posting questions on discussion boards, and more. Before investing all your resources into the app, we also recommend you create an MVP.

Provide Value

Your app needs to solve a specific issue that a lot of people (the intended audience) deal with. These are the people who could become your customers. Candy Crush, one of the most downloaded apps, also addresses the issues of boredom and stress. This app provides a way for people to pass the time while they are waiting for someone or standing in line.

The benefit should motivate the user to download and use the app. You can differentiate yourself from the competition by providing the same service for less money, sending information more quickly, providing additional services, etc. The value of your apps should fit the needs of your business, consumers, and technology.

Explain The Business Plan

You can't just decide to open an app when you wake up one day. The first thing you need to do is to check how this app can increase your revenue. To monetize their apps, most app developers choose ad-based business models. Some people also choose to make in-app purchases. However, there are other options apart from these two. Choose the option that best matches your app and business needs.

You can also check the strategies used by your competitors. Chances are that if a particular business strategy is successful for them, it will be successful for you too. It all depends on whether your app is profitable or not.

5 Elements of a Winning Mobile App

It can be very difficult to choose which features to work on first when developing an app. But regardless of their specific field, all apps are required to have certain features. Among them are:

#1 Security

One of the most important concerns around the world these days is internet security. This is also what you should try to work on first. Installing an unsafe app would not be something that any user would want to risk their data with. Most apps have in-app purchases or services they are selling, so you can't skimp on security when it comes to sensitive information like debit or credit card information.

#2 Intuitive Design

As we have already indicated, the number of smartphone users worldwide is 6.648 billion. Additionally, smartphones have different screen sizes, so your app should be designed to be responsive.

Similarly, you should keep different operating systems in mind when designing. Both iOS and Android have different designs and are in constant competition with each other. Make sure your design matches the overall interface of the device. Additionally, confirm that you can manage every task related to your user-friendly visualization with the help of UI/UX design companies.

#3 Better Customer Service

What is the key to satisfying your customers? Excellent customer service will take care of you nine times out of ten. According to HubSpot research, 93% of consumers prefer to do repeat business with businesses that provide better customer service. App developers don't give it enough priority even though it is such an important component of the marketing field.

Furthermore, 52% of users will delete the app and forget it ever existed as a result of inadequate customer support. Excellent customer service ensures that users are satisfied and they will do everything possible to give your app a positive review. When an app gets a good number of positive reviews it will receive more downloads.

Here are some strategies for providing excellent customer service to your users:

  • Make sure users can contact you directly from within the app.

  • By offering FAQs, you can reduce the volume of support tickets and the stress on staff members.

  • Include automated follow-up systems to help you prioritize customers who still need assistance.

  • Customer reviews are more likely to be positive if you resolve their issues as quickly as possible.

  • Make it easy for customers to cancel their subscriptions.

#4 Speed

Speed is another essential component of a successful app. Nobody enjoys waiting. The loading screen of an app can be particularly annoying to look at. This forces these users to find alternative ways to fill their time.

To ensure that there is no compromise in speed with your app, make sure you follow the right testing procedures and measures before releasing it to the public. Furthermore, the speed should remain stable even after releasing the update.

#5 Push Notification

Ultimately, you want users to continue using your app and generate revenue for you. Plus, if they neglect to open your app, this won't happen. As a result, one of the most important features of the app is push notifications. With catchy lines, it inspires users to open the app and take some action.

Users find it more convenient to view push notifications. Unlike email, there's no chance of it ending up in a spam folder. The combination of text and graphics expands the possibilities of keeping users interested.

#6: Offline Capability

You wouldn't want an app to require the Internet for all its functionality when you launch it for the first time. If there is no internet, the customer cannot interact with your brand. Because of this, your app should have as much offline functionality as possible.

Understandably, you would want it to balance security and data theft concerns. Everyone always carries their smartphone with them, whether they are in crowded metro stations, crowded coffee shops, etc. A lot of personal information is lost when the phone is stolen.

#7: Conserving Batteries

Even if your app has all the features and functionality the world has to offer, people will avoid it if it consumes their smartphone's battery. No matter what your app does, it shouldn't drain your battery. There are a few different steps you need to take to ensure that the app is battery-efficient.

A Brief Recap

The biggest contribution to the digital revolution has been mobile apps. Businesses can expand their growth possibilities by releasing an app. However, avoid opening an app just for the sake of opening an app. If you are launching it, make sure it has the appropriate features and technology.

Contact Alcax Solutions today for all your web and mobile app development needs. We can design single business apps or multiple mobile apps for your business.

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