10 interesting fashion design/interior design/ jewelry design Facts that Will Blow Your Mind

by Akash Chauhan Google Marketing Consultant

Fashion designing means the art of pulling together apparel elements to create a new one and there are some very interesting facts about the fashion and the designers

  • The most interesting fashion fact is that, there are more men at the executive levels in fashion industry than women.
  • The most worn ‘Jeans’ comes from the cotton pants worn by the Genoan sailors who were called ‘Genes’ locally.
  • Napoleon is the reason why the jackets have button on the sleeves as he was tired of his soldiers wiping their nose on their sleeves.
  • The skirt is the second oldest garment in the history and up until 1600-1700 men and women both wore them.
  • The first ever eyelashes were created in 1916 by producer D.W.Griffith, to enhance the beauty of the actress and were made from human hair.
  • Eyeliner became popular after the discovery of the tomb of king Tutankhamun, who wore eyeliner and this sparked the interest in people.
  • Have you ever noticed that Men’s shirts, button on the right, and the women’s on the left?
  • The first ever fashion magazine was published in 1586.
  • Valentino Garavani made the red dress which is still popular in fashion circles.
  • The immensely popular little black dress is credited to Coco Chanel.

In today’s world, everyone wears jewelry and it is socially accepted norm in most countries to wear it as accessory. There are some interesting facts about jewelry designs like

  • In many cultures, jewelry is thought to ward off evil and the most famous example of it is the Egyptian Ankh.
  • The oldest known jewelry were found in the Moroccan caves and were Nassarius shells believed to be 82,000 years old.
  • Jewelry has been the strongest indicator of status throughout the history and the best example are, in ancient Rome only people with higher ranks could wear jewelry.
  • The diamond was first mined in India.
  • The Egyptians were the first to wear live insects as jewelry and wore scarab beetles to battle.
  • The twelve stones that correspond to each month of birth descended from the twelve tribes of Israel.
  • Jade is called ‘stone of heaven’ and the Sanskrit word for ruby means ‘king of precious stones’.
  • Natural pearls are rare and precious because only one forms out of every 10,000 oysters.
  • The gem, amber is made of fossilized tree resin and is at least a million years old.
  • Pure gold is always yellow in color and other metals like copper are mixed with it to give different colors.

Interior design refers to the placement of furnishings inside a space to make it more functional. Some interesting facts about it are

  • Different colors can affect the moods, appetites and emotions.
  • Placing huge mirrors around the room can make the room feel bigger.
  • Dark interiors make every other object in the roomto stand out.
  • A nice view out of the window can help ease the pain of a person.
  • Lighting can affect a body’s natural sleep cycle and in turn affect the mental health of a person
  • The sofa gets a lot of visitors in its lifetime
  • The oldest door was found in Europe dating 5100 years
  • The stairs can pack plenty of storage and can be a solution for tight living quarters

These are some of the very interesting facts which are fascinating and would have made you think.

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