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Are you with important decisions now? Simple Problem Solution Technique...
Perhaps you have a health problem and do not know how to fix it? Or you are in conflict with a family member or colleague and can not find a solution? Or maybe there are bills to pay and simply can not see where the money will come?
I feel trapped in these situations? Why things feel heavy? Your options seem limited?
Something that could be your last brighten just a little is should be noted that, whatever the situation, you have options. While it may seem that "things are as they are" and that "not only a choice," if there are other options?

For example, it is possible that you could look different in this situation? Is it possible that things are not as they seem? Is it possible that you think that the reality is not inevitable? Do we really know what will happen?

You might not consider. Do we really know what will happen?

Now switch gears for a moment. If anything can happen, what you want to be? "What if" crazy idea that might be possible? If possible, how did it happen? What could be a first step in this direction? Your mental wheels start to move?
Just open your mind to the possibility that other options to the Best- things can -and free. It may take some pressure. You can check your imagination, expand "when ..."
So what are the options that are available on your current challenge available? Sometimes it can be helpful to write ...
Well, if everything were possible, what other options might be available? Ask not extravagant good, even if you can, which is to believe in something before.

Once you have a few options on the table, here is a simple technique to try what can be seen perhaps the best choice at the moment for you:

to make a film, to test their decisions

Take each element individually and to make a film.

First of all, imagine the scene and the various parties involved. Make introduce this lively and real scene the details of the configuration, and even sounds, images, textures, and smells. Now imagine to obtain as an important actor in this scene.

Bring your mind first possible solution. Imagine, to take the first step in this particular way and see how things develop. Imagine living in this solution.
Is there a sense of expansion or contraction introduce this solution? You feel the tension all over the body?

Make moves forward against this solution. What is the immediate result?

What is the result of six months on the road?

What is the result of a year?

How are you?

Now clear idea projector and take a few breaths, slow and deep.

Bring the memory of his second option and enter the scene to present "in" this solution. Play and see how you feel in your body. Play forward in time and record the results.

To do this, each option and see what you discover.

What did you learn?

Perhaps, I thought, it was not expected of the consequences of you the simple solution? You might expand more tension and when they found to move in a different direction? In this process, to avoid the ingrained habits of their normal logical mind and access to a deeper layer of intuitive knowledge is temporary. These options test a part of you that knows "what really are" and "what to do here."

I use this process every time, often make videos that I want to ways to try and see what they really mean. It's one thing to think of something. It is another thing to live. Filmmaking helps you feel what life in an option to another, and the possible results to be seen.

The next time you make a challenge, planning a trip, so that for a new job, or to ask where the money comes, you should consider other options, and then turn them into movies. Get in the action scenes of the tour, and see what you discover- You might be surprised by your inner wisdom!

Keep in practicing to solve a proven technique doubts and connect to the central part of you that knows what to do.

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