Why Swift Programming Is The Future Of iOS App Development?

by Victoria Brinsley Mobile App Developer

As per the latest market stats, it is estimated that approx 850 apps downloads take place in a second. Apple's App Store is one of the leading app platforms in the market although it has fewer apps compared to Google Play but the apps published on App Store have better quality and user-interface. Apple has till now invested over $30 billion in their App Store and this amount keeps on rising with time. 

It is said that whenever Apple Inc launches new tech, the Mobile App Development firms prefer to switch because the new tech comes with latest features and improvements. Apple always aims at running maximum iOS devices on the latest version. Two years ago, Apple announced the Swift Programming, which proven to be the next big thing for the iOS developers. This is because Swift is much faster & efficient compared to the Objective-C. Moreover, the language is being made an Open Source language, which will benefit the developers to a great extent.

Every app developers wish for prompt programming and quick results. And this is why Swift coding became an instant hit. Within two years, Swift has successfully replaced the older Objective-c and even C for programming on the iOS platforms. The best thing about Swift is that even the amateurs can also read it. Swift doesn't involve any such keywords or typos which make this code simple. In other words, the iPhone app developers don’t need to worry about the semi-colons and other rules. Swift code offers a simple approach and gets things done in a hassle-free manner.

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Given below are the list of benefits that Swift code offers:

Easy to maintain code: When the developers were using Objective-C they need to maintain two files so as to improve efficiency and build time. But in Swift, everything is put up in one place, and it will allow developers to quickly look out for whatever they searching for.

Pointer variables: If the pointer variable is null and you can call the function using this pointer, no major action will take place. While in Swift, the developer needs to remember the optional & value types and then specify all these in the methods. This highly simplifies the whole bug-fixing process.

Swift excels well in memory management: It has the ability to unify the language in the best possible manner. The developers can manage the memory leakage that occurs during or after the iOS app development process. With Swift code, app developers don't have to worry much about the app development. High-performance memory was a huge problem which has been solved greatly with Swift.

Less coding: Swift has got the ability to bring down the amount of coding. It includes the modern programming practices which are not available in the Objective-C. There are no special string tokens. The compiler has to concentrate only on the type system.

Speed: The latest version of Swift has dropped the usual C conventions which have improved the quality of this code. Swift is nearly on the level of C++ and offers a great coding speed. 

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