What would you do to escape from financial troubles today?

by Teodor Muntean Business Consultant
Today September 19, 2012 unemployment rate is very high, 98% of businesses fail, people lose their houses because of loans and mortgages, etc. The question is: "What would you do to escape from financial troubles of today?"

Let me tell you what I did. After being in danger to loose everything I have created in my life - a great family, house, business, equities, all - and after severe inner fighting with myself, I found the way!

So, what I did?

1. As a Christian believer, started to pray again, and trust God powerfully;
2. Then took action! Changed the most of my company managing and marketing strategies!
3. With huge financial efforts (most funds coming from family, partners and friends), opened 2 more companies in different locations: Bulgaria and the Gambia;
4. Used the powerful cheap and free marketing online; bought around 50 domain names; worked hard alone to learn and create websites;
5. Brought my sites on the first page of Google for many keywords;
6. Clients started coming again, not only from my country Romania, but from Europe and Africa!
7. As a result, we are building 3 houses in Romania now and one in Germany;
8. Now opening a new ecological building corporate company in Germany too;
9. Started to get rid of debts and step-by-step we are coming back to normal.

Maybe the situation described above doesn't fit exactly your life and business story but you might be inspired and follow few principles from there.

Wish you the best!
Coach Teo

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Teodor Muntean Professional   Business Consultant
Hi Rob, thanks. How are you and how is business going? Best regards, Teo
Sep 30th 2012 12:23   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Consistency Marketing, Videos
Teo, this is an awesome piece, very inspiring, especially since I'm Catholic, I tend to forget to rely on Him, thanks for sharing, I shared your article on TW, Fan Page, G+, SU and APSense
Sep 30th 2012 12:31   
Nnamdi Agha Magnate II   Internet Marketer
Thanks Teodor for this inspiring piece. While our circumstances are different, many of the steps you have outlined will inspire anybody who wants a change in his/her fortunes.

With God on our side, we shall prosper even in the midst of a great depression.
Sep 30th 2012 12:36   
Teodor Muntean Professional   Business Consultant
Thanks Phil! It is true that the power of faith brought me back to LIFE ! The pressure was high to give up to everything but I never gave up to pray and belive that there is a Creator that brought us on the earth and He sent His Son to Save people from disaster and death. So, my faith in Him helped me to be saved and to start over again.
Sep 30th 2012 12:37    Edited in Sep 30th 2012 12:41
Teodor Muntean Professional   Business Consultant
Yes, Namdi, I agree with you. Some people call the Creator with different names, some even don't realize that Someone is helping them every step in their life! But, I strongly belive that there is One God that have created us and everything, and He inspires us to discover His creation and to benefit from it in a positive way. Is not easy, but it is possible!
Sep 30th 2012 12:46   
Teodor Muntean Professional   Business Consultant
After we finish building the first house near Lepzig, Germany, the premises are to have 5 clients each month for building every one eco passive houses in Germany! This is why we must open a new company there and not only working with my Romanian or Bulgarian Austrocasa company. The best is to have it opened in Germany. I will open a corporate company there. If you ever thought to be a part of a real business, now it is possible to become a real shareholder in this company. If interested, please do not hesitate to contact me on Apsense mail. If you want to become an eco businessman, I will guide and teach you step by step.
All the best!
Coach Teo
Sep 30th 2012 19:23    Edited in Oct 1st 2012 11:21
Teodor Muntean Professional   Business Consultant
I have created a group here on Apsense for solar house and you can check there the details about the solar house we will build in Germany too specially talking about tehnical and economical details on the project.
Sep 30th 2012 19:30    Edited in Sep 30th 2012 19:31
J?zsefn Horv?th Advanced  housewife
At us Hungary many people lost inhabiting them already, they turned into a drifter, no where to live
Oct 1st 2012 11:00   
Teodor Muntean Professional   Business Consultant
Josefin, this is a big tragedy of our times, I was in danger to be there too, but with huge determination and efforts we are out of this risk, so what can we do for those persons that are suffering so much? DO you see any solution, idea? Thanks.
Oct 1st 2012 11:25   
Kenny kawesi Freshman  network technician/marketier
Hi Coach, That's great and inspiring for everyone i presume. You know people sometimes forget that with God all things are possible.
Oct 11th 2012 01:30   
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