Ways to Know That a Marriage is Unsalvageable

by Donna Johnson Article

It doesn’t matter how strong the foundation of a marriage is in the beginning, it’s almost inevitable that troubles will arise within a relationship that will shake a couple to its core. Whether it is through financial trouble, fidelity or even illness, these issues are difficult to endure even for the strongest of couples. Even through counseling, some couples find that the initial passion is no longer there, and it’s nearly impossible to remain happy together. There are many clear signs that a relation can’t be saved, but due to the strength of their initial bond it can be hard to know if and when it’s truly over. The affects of a troubled marriage are felt by everyone involved including friends, family members and children, but that shouldn’t be the primary reason that a couple stays together. If you have been struggling for a long period of time of whether you can save your relationship, it’s time to sit down and evaluate whether there truly is a chance. Certain conflicts that are repeated issues may be signs that divorce is necessary for the happiness of everyone involved.


The biggest red flag to end any kind of relationship is abuse. However, an abusive relationship is one of the most difficult to end. Abuse doesn’t have to be physical to be detrimental to a couple, and it doesn’t appear with just men. It can be verbal, mental or sexual, and women can often be at fault, as well. It’s likely that the abuse has always been there, but experienced only by one partner. But for others, it can happen toward the later part of marriage as a result of increasing anger issues. Regardless of how long it has been going on, abuse is something that shouldn’t be allowed to continue. The victim must realize that when it gets to a boiling point, it’s time to end the negative relationship in order to find happiness again.


When one or both parties in a marriage are suffering with addiction, it may be time to end the marriage. However, addiction issues aren’t truly cut and dry. If your spouse is suffering with addiction, but actively seeking help, this isn’t a sign that a marriage can’t’ be saved. However, if there is a constant battle between denial and refusal to fix the issue, it may be time to walk away. One of the biggest mistakes that couples make is that thinking that a partner can be forced to change. Growth happens on its own, and if a partner refuses to make positive changes when it’s so clearly affecting them negatively, there is nothing a spouse can do to fix the problem.


At times someone who is married will fall in love with someone who isn’t their spouse. Other times, due to unhappiness or control issues, a spouse will seek continued comfort in someone else besides their partner. Whether through physical or even purely emotional bonds, this is a definite breach of trust. There are some couples that can salvage a marriage after an affair, but many cannot. When this occurs, it’s important to evaluate your emotions fully to assess whether you feel that you can move past this emotional hurt and truly forgive your spouse. If the answer is no, it’s important to end the marriage before the negative emotions escalate and cause further damage.

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