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by Andrew Esipov Webmaster
The Concept

The Warrior Forum is home to more than 160,000 Internet marketers at the moment. Most of these are quite new, since the member counts exploded since start of the recession.

These new members are still in a continuous learning phase, and are constantly on the lookout for new information. Sure, they can get that information by browsing the forum itself.

But with a total lack of knowledge, it becomes a monstrous task to put all the pieces together. Additionally, there are many more people that have been trying to make money online, but have not yet taken action.

There are also many more intermediate members, who always looking for new ideas and information, as well as any possibly useful tools that could help them make money.

At any given time when you go into the Warrior Forum, you will note the numbers of people browsing each section. Currently, you will find that, depending on which time of day, there could be anything up to 800 or more people browsing the WSO section.

However, this does not reflect the true number. A lot of people visiting the Warrior Forum simply start browsing, and only log in if they want to comment, post a thread, or make a purchase. But there is no way of knowing exactly how high this number is.

However, considering the popularity of the forum, it is likely to be at least another few hundred more.

So what exactly does this mean to you? It means you have 100,000 people in one place, all of them looking for information, and a good number of them standing ready with a credit card in hand.

Now it has been said that if you want to make money, you should go find a crowd of people who want something, and simply give it to them. The WSO section of the Warrior Forum allows you to do exactly that.

Additionally, it is the ideal testing ground for products you might want to put up at Clickbank later on.

But Why WSO's?

A number of people have created businesses turning $20,000 or more a month continuously just by using WSO's as a business model. Given the current economic downturn, there are even more people that have turned to the Internet as a possible means of income. Let's take a quick look at the benefits:

1. At any given time, there are hundreds of people, most of them ready to buy, browsing the WSO section. True, you have to compete with everyone else on the page. But these people still come there to buy something.

Additionally, due to the lower prices offered, many people end up buying WSO's regularly. Many people actually end up buying a few WSO's at any given time they browse that section - so your product doesn't have to be the only one that attracts attention. It simply has to attract attention.

If you had to pay for traffic, can you imagine what it will cost you to have a few thousand people look at your sales page? Especially at the PPC prices for keywords like marketing or Internet marketing...

2. Every potential buyer could be persuaded to buy any of a number of different things. Meaning that as an Internet marker, there are many things you could need.

You may be looking for information on any of a number of topics, some specific WordPress plug-in that will do a specific job, templates or software, or even some content for your next website.

So someone browsing the WSO section, might end up buying a report on traffic, a new WordPress plug-in, and a set of PLR articles

3. The cost involved is very low, and once you're WSO moves too far down the list, you could simply pay the fee again to bump it back to the top. At any given time you are allowed to have three WSO's running simultaneously.

4. If you have been active on the forum for a while, and people have come to know you as someone that can offer value to the conversation, it becomes a lot easier to sell to them.

Now compare that to a visitor that lands on your sales page for the first time, not knowing who you are, what your track record is, and no way of finding out...

5. When you post a WSO, members can comment, provide feedback, and ask questions. The bad part is, if the product sucks, someone is bound to tell you that - and kill your WSO.

The good part is, that some people might ask questions you have not addressed in your sales copy. Your answers can clear them up for everyone.

6. The low cost involved makes it an ideal testing ground for new products, squeeze page layouts, and approaches to sales page copy. Where else would you be able to get a couple of thousand hungry buyers to test your sales copy on, or test a product on, at that low price?

When you look at these benefits, the fact that you will be selling your products at a reduced price will be offset by the sheer volume of willing buyers. You know exactly who you visitors are, and they are perfectly targeted.

It is very easy to draw up a typical customer profile. As long as you deliver quality products, it is quite easy to build yourself a good reputation, and a base of regular, loyal customers.

As long as you deliver quality products, it is relatively easy to build a list, establish credibility, and make a very good income while doing it. The Warrior Forum has been a springboard for many people, and it is highly regarded amongst all marketers.

The forum is home to marketing legends like Jimmy D. Brown, Willie Crawford, Paul Myers, and many more. And many of these well-known marketers still employ the use of regular WSO's to expand their lists.

Now if they do it, shouldn't you be doing it as well?

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