Vemma Review: Does Vemma Work?

by Tosin Adeoti Home Based Business Coach

If you’re reading this article then you’ve probably recently heard of the Vemma, and are wanting to get a good review of the Vemma Business Opportunity, and see for yourself if Vemma will hold up to the hype. 

Why You Should Read This Vemma Review (Does Vemma Work?:

Well, to start, I know that the only way you could have found this article is by researching the Vemma opportunity. The simple truth is, whenever you’re researching any kind of business that’s going to take a considerable amount of effort, time, and financial resources, it’s important to investigate all of the aspects of what it is really going to take to really break through with the company. 

It’s also important to have answers to basic questions, like ‘is Vemma a scam?’ and to really UNDERSTAND what it’s going to take for you to get involved and get to the top. Although I’m not involved in Vemma personally, I coach many people who are, and I have personally helped many people have the breakthrough in Vemma and other MLM opportunities. In this article, I’m going to give a brief review of the Vemma opportunity, and explain some factors that are important to understand in making your decision.

A Brief Review Of Vemma’s Leadership:

The first thing you should take into consideration when reviewing Vemma is the history of the leadership who created the actual company. Vemma is founded by an entrepreneur named BK Boreyko and his family. BK Boreyko is the owner of New Vision, a company that has been in operation now for 14 years successfully and has operated in countries all around the world. New Vision is one of the companies that helped pioneer the liquid nutritionals industry more than a decade ago, and they have had a combined total of more than $1 billion in sales.

The reason it’s important to consider the leadership and history of a company is because many companies go out of business before they ever have a real chance at catching mass momentum and making a difference in the marketplace. Also, many times a business leader who has been successful in other endeavors will start an MLM company and will fail to produce results, because MLM companies like Vemma operate off of different principles than Corporate America and other forms of small business. Vemma has strong Corporate leadership with experience in creating successful Network Marketing companies, which is a plus.

A Review Of Vemma’s Compensation Plan

Vemma has what is known as a ‘Binary’ compensation plan. What that means is that there are two sales organizations that can be built by every distributor in the company, and if you enroll more than two people, you have to place your additional enrollee’s underneath people that you have previously enrolled. So it looks like this:

An Example Of How The Vemma Binary Commission Plan Works:

Binary Compensation Plan Image

Binary commission plans have a history of working very well over the last 10 years in the MLM profession. Although it isn’t my personal compensation preference, I can give you many examples of people in the MLM profession, and also in Vemma, who earn significant monthly incomes from Binary Plans.

The advantage to Binary Commission Plans is that it has an ability to create a sense of team synergy. In other words, when you place distributors underneath each other, people tend to get excited quickly. The disadvantage of Vemma’s Binary Commission plan is that it can create a false sense of security. People can become lazy, thinking that they’ll get rich off of only sponsoring two people, when it is repeatedly demonstrated that even in a Binary plan, the top income earners are usually people who have sponsored 100 distributors or more. Is that a disadvantage? Not at all. 

I just want you to understand that if you do get involved with the Vemma opportunity, you are still going to have to work hard, sponsor a lot of people, and learn to produce results personally.

A Review Of Vemma’s Exclusive Products

Vemma focuses on several brands of exclusive products, the most notable being a product called ‘Verve.’ Verve is designed to be a liquid, healthy energy supplement, and can only be bought from an authorized Vemma distributor. Is Verve all it’s cracked up to be? That’s a question that you have to decide for yourself. Although I usually find that MLM companies ‘hype out’ their product claims, Vemma usually makes the attempt to present their products as accurately as possible.

Vemma also offers several other proven nutritional formulas, including their exclusive ‘Next’ brand of nutritionals for adults and children. One of the things that I liked when I first took a look into the company is the fact that they had different products that children can take. Many MLM companies don’t distinguish between the two and it’s a proven fact that parents and children have VERY different nutritional needs.

How do the products affect the opportunity? Well, the first question you should ask before you get involved with Vemma is ‘would I buy these products as a stand alone item if I was not going to be involved in the opportunity?’ If the answer is no, then you had better steer clear. With Vemma, what I would encourage you to do if you’re serious about researching the opportunity is to contact an authorized distributor and try them for a month. If you don’t find that they produce results for you, don’t join. If however, you thoroughly enjoy the products and you feel passionate about them, Vemma might be the right company for you.

A Review Of Vemma’s MLM Training

With Vemma, what I’ve found is that the majority of distributors build their business using ‘old school’ tactics. It’s important to understand that although old school tactics work for some people, most people who are under 40 won’t have very good results today using home meetings, hotel meetings, and other kinds of traditional strategies. The reason for this is that most younger people don’t have the kind of contacts and sphere of influence that it really takes to build a business like this, and when they attempt it, they fall flat on their face.

That’s actually the reason I put this site together. I understand that it takes a lot of marketing knowledge to learn how to earn a significant income from home, and I wanted to extend a helping hand to people who are either looking at Vemma or who are involved already and help them learn how to recruit people using modern day MLM strategies.

When alot of people first get involved in MLM, they discover that they are not very good in traditional MLM startegies, and as a result of listening to well meaning uplines, they fail at MLM for years. Because they are not in tune with modern startegies for building buiness both online and offline, they lose money and friends. Until you can find the training that would help you in this, you might not make alot of head ways.

So what I’ve done is put together an intense training video on the Top 10 Prospecting Tricks that the top earners in Vemma use to generate at least 50 leads a day, and this will work for you whether you’re involved with Vemma, or any other home based business opportunity! (Click the PLAY Icon)

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