Top Ways to Earn Money as a Teen

by Jacob Marsh .

Some thirteen year-olds are fortunate to have an allowance but for those who do not, they are in constant need for money to spend on shoes, gadgets, and things that they like. If they were a little bit older, there would not have been any problem with working part-time at retail stores, fast food or coffee shops. However, thirteen year old kids are still considered young and they aren’t allowed to work at local business yet. If you are a thirteen year-old kid looking for ways to earn money, the good news is, listed below are a number of ways you could consider doing.

·    Dog walking. There are people who do not have the luxury of time to walk their dogs, especially those who are working 8 to 5 jobs. Dogs, are also in need of attention, exercise and fresh air, so if you know someone in your neighborhood who has a dog but goes to work, you may ask if he or she wants you to walk his or her dog for a few hours in exchange for a few dollars.

·    Pet sitting. This is almost similar to dog walking. The difference is, you might have to actually stay at the owner’s house, especially when the owner goes away temporarily. You may offer your services to the owner so he or she can be assured that there will be someone who will feed, bathe, and play with his dog.

·    Washing vehicles. Try to go around your neighborhood and ask your neighbors if they want their cars to be washed. You can even ask your parents, siblings, relatives and friends. Washing cars is easy and is a good way to earn extra money during your spare time.

·    Cleaning the house.  A lot of people do not have house keepers and most of them are too tired from work to properly clean their homes and do so on a regular basis. This is also one good way for thirteen year olds to earn money. You just sweep the floor, vacuum, arrange items and do basic cleaning regimes. Make sure to do well on the job so customers will ask for you to come back.

·    Selling scrapbook materials. If you are good at arts and crafts and at making unique pieces, you can start selling scrapbook materials. Make use of recycled materials so you do not shell out a lot of money. The good thing about this is if you are fond of making arts and crafts, you get to enjoy what you’re doing while earning money.

·    Shoveling snow. If you live in a state where it snows heavily, take advantage of it by offering snow shoveling services. Elderly people find it hard to shovel snow, so you may want to offer your services to them. Make sure to take care of the driveway, the porch and their sidewalks.

·    Lawn mowing. People seeking lawn care services pay huge amounts of money. Offer your services to your family, friends and neighbors at a fair price. If you do not know how to plant and design flowers, you can simply offer basic services such as mowing and trimming the lawn.

·    Babysitting. Babysitting is still probably one of the easiest ways for thirteen year old kids to earn money. The important thing to remember is to be mature and to be responsible as you will be taking care of younger kids. A lot of kids these days offer to babysit, so to make you a more likely candidate for the job, offer a reasonable hourly rate. In addition, aside from taking care of the kids, go out of your way to keep the house clean and organized. Your efforts will give you a good impression and the parents will be more likely to recommend your services to their relatives and friends.

·    Delivering newspapers. Inquire about newspaper deliveries in your neighborhood, and if they have one, ask if you could be the one to deliver the newspapers to your neighbors. This is a good job that will even allow you to get a little bit of exercise every morning.

·    Sharing paid surveys. If your parents do not like you going out of the house, you can suggest that they as well as you participate in paid surveys. There are paid surveys out there aimed at kids which require parents to answer the initial questions then the child answers the rest. You and your parents are free to join paid surveys. You can simply discuss this with them and share the earnings. One of the best survey sites that produce surveys aimed at kids is e-Poll. You can consider reading the e-Poll survey review from GetPaidSurveys and if your parents agree, then you can simply sign up and start answering surveys.

These are only some of the ways that thirteen year old kids can earn money. There are a lot more that you can do based on your talents and interests so make sure that you work on them to open up more opportunities. What job are you considering doing? If there is anything you would like to share just leave your comments for me below!

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