The five mainly categories for the Vinyl floor products

by Jacob Willam SEO Wizard

Euro – There are many kinds of Vinyl floor and PVC lock floor in the market. On the other hand, the advantages of this kind of Vinyl floor products are also in various. This kind of situation is due to the different variety of the PVC lock floor manufacturers. In order to occupy a favorable advantage in the market competition, these PVC lock floor manufacturers such as Bin peng environmental which website is have tried their best to applying for a patent about the Vinyl floor. However, the applying for the patent should need the technology innovation of these PVC lock floor manufacturers. It is understood that there are over 17 international patents for the Vinyl floor products but the products which apply the lock technology are mainly in the following five categories:

The first type is the double-locking flooring which is very popular in the PVC lock floor manufacturers. The number of tongues for this kind of lock floor is two. This is one kind of short lock category. Because the double tongue and the tongue is very thin, the requirement for the decking demand is relatively higher than other.

The second kind is the snap-lock PVC lock floor which is technology improvement for early lock technology. The groove and tongue for this kind of PVC lock floor is a little bit widely which length is about 1 cm. The front area of the tongue is relatively flat which can be directly inserted into another piece of tongue and groove flooring. This kind of floor has relatively higher relative flat tension increase than other floor.

The third technology for Vinyl floor products is the blabbermouth type lock flooring. This kind of products has high demand for substrate materials because the force of this kind of floor locker could up to one ton. This kind of china Vinyl floor has used Europe White Fir as the raw material. This kind of wood has even structure and high density, high tensile strength and stability after processing. The quality of this PVC lock floor is very excellent.

The fourth technology for Vinyl floor products is the 3D chute lock floor. This floor is generally based on the rabbet at the increased slope which is occurred at the V -shaped groove of the connection area. This structure could make the the floor have no wear and tear.

The last is the 45 degrees locking flooring which is in the inclined inserted type. The mouth and tongue of this kind of PVC lock floor is very short which length is typically 3 to 5 mm. However, the paving for this kind of floor requires a certain angle.

The description above is the main information about the crucial five categories of the lock floor of PVC lock floor manufacturers.

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