The cooling tower the essence of the industry

by Kompass India General Manager

The cooling tower is an industrial instrument that dispels the waste heat to the atmosphere by means of evaporation of water which helps to cool the machines in the factory. There are many sorts of usage across the industries. It is extremely useful in the chemical industries, pet and plastic industries, thermal power stations and oil refineries and HVAC for the purpose of cooling buildings. The cooling tower varies from industries to industries according to the necessities. The tallest one can be up to 200 metres in height and 100 metres in diameter. Generally, the nuclear plants are associated with hyperboloid cooling towers.

The history: It was invented in the 19th century for the purpose of using in the steam engine. It is synonymously called condenser. The early development of the condenser was installed in the rooftop or in the open space supported by the natural airflow. By comparison, the condenser uses cool water via versatile means to condense the steams that comes out of the turbine or piston. The 20th century found new technology to use the same water in a recycling manner and it helped in the areas where the deficiency of the water is aplenty. The hyperboloid cooling tower goes to the credit of Dutch engineer Frederik van Iterson and Gerard Kuypers.

Industrial cooling tower: These days, there are various industries across the globe because of the pecuniary gains of the people. The power of purchase has been increased manifold. That is why; the industries and factories have been mushrooming all over the world. It is out of the questions to run an industry without the installation of the cooling tower. The basic use of the condenser is done in the large industries such as; petroleum refineries, power plants, petrochemical plants and natural gas etc.

The cooling tower manufacturer, exporters and importers have a heyday to make a lucrative business in the current economic environment. The manufacturers are developing the cooling tower by means of employing high-tech engineers that ensures the quality to the different industries. The cooling tower exporters are also having extremely lucrative businesses due to ample of industries are being established these days.

Package type: There are different kinds of condenser are being manufactured. Some of the industries are preassembled with the cooling tower. They are some industries those require low heat rejection such as food manufacturing industries, chemical processing plants, textile plants and building such as big hotels, hospitals, shopping malls and automobile industries etc.

Heat transfer methods: There are different kinds of heat transfer methods available across the industry. The dry cooling towers are operated by heat transfer that separates working fluid from the air. The wet cooling tower is operated on the basis of evaporating technology. The water cooling tower can cool the warm water. The current scenario of the world indicates that the cooling tower business will keep on boosting since the industrial development is likely to happen by leaps and bounds. The manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and sellers have a great day ahead.

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