The application of bricks paving machine could improve the working

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China - Bricks with code neatly paved could make the road looks very beautiful and this paving method is also very strong and durable. However, the road which made by this paving method is not very commonly because the paving work is a super cumbersome and time-consuming manual labor work. However, the appearing of the automatic paver laying machine from famous China manufacturer Shandong Gaifeng machinery CO., LTD could totally help people get rid of the laboring paving work. Their machine could allow workers pave the bricks road as quickly as the paving for carpet. It could not only help to save physical energy but also let each operator enjoy very exicting and interesting operating experience.

The automatic bricks paving machine is also known as China paver laying machine which was initially created by Netherlands engineer. As long as this machine passes the road or street, the sand base pavement will automatically leave the seamless brick road. By the view of other people, the paving process of this machine just looks like magic wonder.

The secret and working principle of the so called Tiger Stone automatic bricks paving machine lies in its gravity based design. In the paving process of this machine, the workers could simply fill all bricks into a chute with such installed angled. With the forward moving of tiger stone on the surface of the sand base road, all of these bricks will automatic code on together into the inner space of this machine as the function of the natural gravity. When the Tiger Stone paving machine has moving forward slowly, people could drive a small telescopic Scraper car follow the paving machine to fill its bricks. Under the cooperation between the two machines, the daily laying up area could reach to 400 square meters. On the other hand, the paved width of the bricks paving machine can also be adjusted and the width could reach to maximum six meters.

However, the brick Road has a long history with its beautiful appearance, durable using and high resistance to water and low temperature. Even if the surface of bricks road appear the situations such as cracks, the maintenance and replacement for these bricks are also very convenient . Bricks are easy to be produced and recycled and some new designed bricks can also guide the flowing of rain and let these rain water pour into the ground to avoid ground water gathering during heavy rains. It could also better improve the condition of underground aquifers. This should be main reason why these green building designers have recently paid their attention to the brick road again.

However, with the popularity of the brick roads, the related bricks paving machine ¡°tiger stone¡± will also become more and more popular.

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Shandong Gaifeng machinery CO., LTD was founded in 1994 which was principally engaged in research development and manufacture of precise spare part in early stage. With innovative thinking, Gaifeng machinery focused on inventing paver laying machine since 2008.After three year¡¯s hard exploration of Gaifeng staff, the paver laying machine finally entered into market on 2011,which wins good reputation in China.

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