Security Seals Will Save You Money

by Joe Cinocca Writer

Innovations in technology manage to seep into every aspect of our daily lives, much like Elmer’s Glue fills in the spaces of your craft project or a piano fills in the gaps in a recording studio.

In my previous article about banking supplies, I touched on just a few of the entrepreneurial endeavors I have created over the years and how staying organized with paperwork and monetarily was the daily struggle.

We’ve all seen the detective shows where the bank robber has the stolen loot explode in his hands or how silent alarms have triggered help to the scene. Borrowing a page from the medical industry playbook, security seals have become a major factor in the prevention of theft.

In the late 1990s, I managed a record store, called CD Warehouse. This, by far, was one of my favorite jobs. On a daily basis, I was responsible for making bank deposits and organizing the slush fund for purchasing used compact discs.

The owner of this franchise lived in another state and he depended on me to take care of his business, while he focused on running stores in other markets closer to him. In those days, I would easily work 60 hours per week because I actually enjoyed what I was doing.

During slower periods of the year, I would take more days off during the week, in hopes of recharging my “batteries” and doing something outside of those four walls. When this happened, I would have to rely on trusted employees to make the bank runs each day.

In hindsight, Tulsa was a lot safer then. Crime was still a factor, but not as much as it is today. Security seals either had not been invented or were not being used on a mainstream level during this time.

Running a small business takes a lot of patience and employees that you hire are ones you hope are trustworthy. As a shop manager, pride and ego prevented me from thinking ill will of any employee hire and trustworthiness was just an assumption that came with the hiring process.

After reading countless articles of employees embezzling money or people falsely reporting fraud, security seals are the latest tool that can be used to prevent the basic temptation that most employees face. One thing I’ve never taken for granted is the fact that if an employee is facing hard times or financial straits, there really is no indication of what he or she may do to rectify those issues. It’s not that their intention is to rip you off, it’s the fact that they are backed into a corner and are prone to make poor decisions. It’s life, things happen.

The brilliance of security seals are that they are indiscriminate and have no emotions. The new routine would simply incorporate using a security seal for your daily deposit or a padlock security seal for your “slush fund”.

The best part about this is that there wouldn’t be accusations levied at the employee or any sort of high school drama in the workplace, associated with the money. The security seal is a no hassle, quick-and-easy one-step process that would give any small or large business owner the piece of mind, knowing that there aren’t random hands in the cookie jar. Store or office manager’s should have complete confidence and by using a security seal on a daily basis, this goal can be achieved.

At the end of the day, safety seals might seem like an unnecessary added expense, but in the long-term picture, it’s a cost that can keep thousands of dollars in your bank account instead of someone else’s wallet. Security seals will definitely save you money, if you let them.

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