Recycling Aluminum—More Than Meets the Eye

by Bob Davis Supplier
We all know that aluminum foil containers, wrappers, and cans can be recycled, but that is not all that can be successfully recycled. While aluminum cans account for approximately 60% of all the aluminum found in recycling plants, there is far more that can be recycled.

Building and Construction Scraps

Aluminum mig wire and 4x8 aluminum sheets are a popular medium in building and construction projects. Minimizing waste is top of mind, but sometimes, you have excess. While you can save the leftovers for your next project, if you don’t have the storage space, consider recycling them. Also recycle any of your metal scraps when you demo or remodel a home or building.

Metal Parts

A multitude of metal parts are made from aluminum and other recyclable metals. Even if they have rusted or corroded, they can be recycled and given a new life. Not sure if something is aluminum? Do a quick and easy magnet test. If it sticks, it’s aluminum. If it doesn’t stick, it may be another recyclable metal.

Separating Your Metals

One reason cans are so easy to recycle is because you don’t have to do much more than rinse and crush them. If you have other recyclable metals made from mixed mediums, separate them from the accompanying materials. For example, you need to remove the glass from an aluminum window frame. This process can be time consuming, and even dangerous, so you must take care. If possible, find a scrap yard that recycles multiple materials.


One of the fastest growing trends in art and home décor is upcycling. Nearly anything that can be thrown out can be upcycled; you just have to find someone with a creative mind and the need for the trash, scraps, or metal you have to offload. Look for local artists, schools, and non-profits, who might be interested in repurposing your unwanted and even broken items.

Put Some Extra Cash in The Bank

It takes approximately 25 soda, beer, or food cans to total 1 pound. While it will take several pounds to earn enough worth talking about, crush and save your clean aluminum and get back some of the money you spend on beverages. Kick things up a notch by recycling cans from work, from neighbors, or collecting cans from family members who do not recycle.

Even if the goal is not to earn money recycling your metal scraps or left over 4x8 aluminum sheets, your recycling goes a long way in reducing waste in your local garbage processing plants. Recycling also has a positive global impact that expands far beyond your local community.

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