ITIL – it is not for the weak hearted

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According to a research made in London, shock of good or bad news can kill. The research suggests whether it is the trauma of a loved one’s death or the excitement of a lottery win, a shock can be fatal. Researchers said that they have identified how emotional trauma can trigger a potentially lethal catastrophe they call, “broken heart syndrome”. They said that the news positive or negative causes the body to produce large amount of stress hormones including adrenaline, which narrows the main arteries, which supply blood to the heart. This paralyses the heart’s main pumping chamber. The victim will suddenly find it very difficult to breathe, have sharp pains in their chest and may feel very weak. However, some die, many recover.

I remember there was a time when my friend’s father used to find easy measures to become rich. To serve this purpose, he used to try his luck on the lottery tickets. Every time when the result was announced, his father used to pay keen attention to every number announced to check whether the same has been written on his ticket or not. He tried his luck many times but did not succeed.

Dejected by the failures, one day he decided that he would buy a lottery ticket for the last time no matter what the result. This time the spheres above were in favour of my friend’s father and it happened that he won a huge amount. But destiny was not that kind on my friend that he got to witness his father’s hospitalization as his father got a shock when he came to know that he has won a huge prize. This indicates that we should never try to make easy money as it can lead to unfavourable consequences.

In the field of IT, we have such a training course that is no less than a lottery ticket and the benefit that an individual gets after pursuing it is no less than the huge prize. However, in this case an individual does not have to rely on his luck to get the reward rather he has to work hard. You might be thinking that what exactly I am talking about. Well, it is to tell you that I am talking about the ITIL Training.

Now, you might want to know about ITIL. So, it is to tell you that ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. The ITIL system is used to align the IT processes within a business. The first version of ITIL came into being in the year 1989 and since its introduction; ITIL has been playing a vital role to make the companies meet their desired business goals.

The ITIL Training being based on the latest version of the system that is ITIL V3 acquaints you with the latest techniques to manage the IT process of a company. The ITIL Training imbues deep knowledge about incident management in you using which you protect the IT assets and data of the company which makes you play a vital role in the company’s success.

Moreover, the ITIL v3 Training helps you to get the ITIL Certification, having which you need to possess a strong heart as it will fetch you the height of success, you might have never even dreamt of.

So, join the ITIL Training and be cautious about the entry of success in your career.

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