How to build own taxi app like Uber?

by Ritesh Patil co-founder & Blogger

If you’ve not realized the potential of launching a taxi app, you’re missing out. Emerging markets like India have a number of taxi dispatch companies operating, and the benefits to taxi app companies, drivers and customers are many. Uber, with its revolutionary app-based transportation business model, has changed the way people travel. So, if you want a piece of this pie, here is how a normal taxi app will work and the features it will have, from the perspective of a customer and a driver.


Customers can sign into a taxi app easily. Here are some of the things customers will be able to do.

1. Register and that would mean providing your name and a valid email id.

2.  One can also register for their credit cards if they would want to pay for it every time they take a ride.

3.  A map needs to be created and linking it to your GPS. By this, you track the driver and the driver can track you.

4.   The source of travel can always be set on the map. This will help the driver to locate passenger without much trouble.

5.  Taxi apps give the user the option to choose their ride. So hatchback can be provided as well as a sedan or an SUV. This enhances user experience and in return user engagement.

6.  A fare calculator is a handy tool to have; it helps the user to calculate how much he or she has to pay for the ride.

7.  Live tracking of the ride helps in achieving quite a few things. One, the company can track the whereabouts of the passenger while he is riding the cab, secondly, the user can follow the driver right from the time of the booking and thirdly, the driver can trace the shortest route to the destination based on the live traffic updates.

8.  Auto payment totally takes away the need for carrying large amounts of cash every time. Once the user has added the credit card information to the app, payment is automatically made for the same. Mail is sent to the registered mail id and a text message is sent too. The receipt is sent to the mail id.

9.   By reviewing and rating the river, users are helping the company better its services. This will also help the cab provider to customize the app more and provide more personalized services. A review and a rating system need to be incorporated into the app.

10.     The library will have the booking history of the user.  This will include the payments made and the rides taken. By looking at the booking history of a user, a cab providing company can provide a more specialized service and increase user experience.



And here is how the driver could benefit from creating a taxi app like Uber. Just like customers, drivers get clear directions about where the customer is including where he is headed off to and an estimate time to reach to destination.  It would be simple for the drivers to sign in to the taxi app too.

1.  The driver can register through his or her name into the app.

2.  The driver can accept or reject a request based on the distance between him and the user.

3.  With auto payment, the hassle of carrying cash is reduced. This saves the driver from roadside robberies.

4.  The driver will also have his/her booking history in the library. With this, he or she can view the number of rides they have worked on.  This is directly linked to the payment schedule or structure.

It’s a good idea to hire taxi app developers that can help you develop the right taxi app. You can even customize features to have a taxi app different from all others. Your taxi app developers will be able to help you know just what will work and what won’t.

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