How to Build a Successful Mailing List for Your MLM Business

by Tosin Adeoti Home Based Business Coach

There are several things I do to build my MLM business that I seem to take for granted. I tend to think that everyone should know these things. One of such is how to build a successful mailing list for MLM business. But I have found out that it is not the case therefore I will be laying out what you might want to call the Guide to Building a Successful MLM Mailing List from A-Z.

But before I go any further, understand that the easiest list to have as a network marketer is your Warm List. I can see some people are cringing already.

Seriously, I see a lot of nonsense on the internet that has me shaking my head all the time. Like I mentioned in my last post, 7 Modern Lies That Would Kill Your MLM Business Fast, people are sucked into the promise that there is a mystical magical mlm system somewhere that would instantly make them not talk to their family and friends ever again.

A list is a list. To succeed online, you need to build a list. To succeed offline, all you need to start doing is writing a list. Do you even know the massive implication of that last statement? Read it again.

If you are willing to make money fast in your MLM, then the quickest way I know to do that is talking to your warm market the right way. You have to write down the list of your family and friends and invite them to the opportunity. Do you know that anyone who ever comes online looking for a MLM business is the warm market of someone somewhere?

It is not until you start making money and begin generating cashflow that 

would fund your online efforts that I advise people to come online to start building a mailing list for their MLM business.

So, let’s go ahead and discuss how to build a successful mailing list for your MLM businesson the internet

Elements to be Considered in Building a Successful Mailing List

An Outstanding Product

The truth is that there are many people jostling to get the attention of people online, and unless you put something valuable on the table for people to opt in to, then you’d not see any increase in your mailing list.

I see people complain to me all the time about that they are not generating leads on their blog, and taking a look at their site indicate that they are just telling people to subscribe for updates. Cmon, that might work in 2000, it just is not attractive at this day and time

Tosin, what kind of product? A good way to determine this is to ask yourself what the primary needs of the visitors to your site are. Check your analytics board and find out how they got to your site. What attracted them? Or better still, ask them? Facebook fan pages are a great way to do this. Ask your fans on your fanpage to know what they would love you to give out. Also, try to know if people would be willing to pay for your product. If they are not ready to pay then they will most likely not give you their email address in other to get it.

I am sure the next question you have is this: How do I get the Product they want? A good idea is to create the product. A unique product based on what people want. But frankly speaking, most people are not ready for that, especially at the beginning of their online journey. I believe that you should create your product eventually because that’s what experts do.

But a great alternative is to use an already made product and give it out. There are several online MLM systems that do this. The one I recommend is My Lead System Pro. Not just because it is by far the largest online MLM system on the planet with loads of successful network marketers, but also because they products they give you to give away is Crazy. Talk of any product that you can give out to your subscribers base in MLM and even internet marketing in general and you will find them all in MLSP.

For those of you who are always telling me how incredible the things I give out are, then I just gave you the secrets to all the incredible value myself and the most successful network marketers online give out. What’s more you can give them out and still the process of creating your own products with the massive training the system provides in creating products.

Choose a Reliable Mailing List Service

A Mailing list service also known as an Autoresponder is an amazing piece of technology that allows you to build a database of names and email addresses that you can manage and keep track of.

With an Autoresponder, you have the ability to easily email hundreds, even thousands, and eventually tens of thousands of people all with a click of a button. You can also set up automated follow up emails that get sent out to your list after they join.

A word of Caution: Never listen to any mailing list service that attaches FREE to itself. They are unreliable. I know the word FREE is very powerful and that is what blinds the eyes of many people. If you get lured to those services, I promise you that sooner or later you will pay more than you ought to pay.

Many reliable mailing list services abound online, with the most popular being Aweber and GetResponse. I would not go for Aweber if I am a network marketer. Seems they don’t like MLM’ers. They closed down a lot of people’s email account towards the middle of this year without warning and with no explanation. I had a friend lose his list of about 3000 to Aweber. That’s just terrible!

Presentation Matters A Lot!

This is a tip you must keep in mind as you create your product. MLSP covers this excellently.

Many people just setup an ugly page and then begin to offer their products. This might affect the rate of your subscription because the way you present your product will determine a lot about your subscribers. Most people judge by appearance and they will not want to enter their emails on an ugly page believing that the owner can be someone with some bad intentions.

I also discovered that adding images to your squeeze page also helps increase your conversion rate because people will have more sense of having your product than when they do see an image.

A Little Copywriting Helps!

Again, MLSP does an outstanding job in this respect. But as you create your product know that having a little copywriting knowledge will help set you apart. People will take many decisions based on your headline and if your headline is poor then they most likely will not wait to read the rest of the page.

It is also very important to make your product irresistible by having a great introduction and powerful bullet points that will make them want to get your product instantly.

You should also try to create a feeling of urgency in them because most of them will try to postpone their subscription date only not to come back and subscribe – Let them feel like they need your product badly and that the only time they can get it is now!

Don’t try to waste your time telling stories on your squeeze page, go straight to the point and let them know what is in it for them.

Promote Your Product

Now that you’ve got things set up, it is time to drive traffic to either your blog or capture page. I wrote a fantastic post on How to Promote Your Blog Contents and you should definitely check it out.

But let me give you some pointers:

  • Article Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Blog Commenting (be the first to comment)
  • Forum Marketing
  • Guest Posting

Parting Words…

When trying to get the best from your list it is not the size of your list that matters but your relationship with your list. It is very important to try as much as possible to make sure your list trust you because the more they trust you the more likely they are to read your mails and the more likely they are to buy from you.

I notice one thing in common among many people building their mailing list, they just build their list and they fail to send any useful tip to their list – this is disastrous.

There are many ways to build trust with your list but what matters most is you making them feel you care and that you are not just there for the money.

Like most of you would have guessed I generate some incredible leads for my mailing list using this blog and I hope to give you my strategies in a future post. Stay tuned!

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