How does CNC machinery make precision turned parts?

by Debra Banks CNC engineer

When we purchase products, very few people will look at it and appreciate the way it is made. The manufacturing process which goes into creating the products we use every day on a daily basis is complex and lengthy at times, but is something which we completely take for granted. Rarely will we consider the process that went into making a product. If we do, however, it is clear to see that it is a very complex process which requires highly accurate measurements. Precision turned parts make up a lot of the products we use, and it would not be possible to have such high quality products if it was not for CNC technology.

CNC, or computer numerical control, refers to the use of computers to precisely measure the way in which a part of a product is manufactured. Precision turned parts are parts which have been produced using CNC machining and are usually mass produced in order to create hundreds of identical parts which can be used to create some of the products which we take for granted every day. Precision turned parts made with CNC machining are a fundamental part of the manufacturing process. Computer cut parts are much more accurate than human cut parts, and the speed by which the CNC machines work mean that it is possible to turn hundreds of parts in a very short time. Without CNC machining, we would be without millions of products that we use on a daily basis.

A CNC milling machine is one of the best examples of machines which create precision turned parts. A CNC milling machine has a set of rotary cutters which cut bits from a material which is fed towards it. The computer controls what angle the material is fed into it at and when to insert and remove the material. The rotary cutter remains where it is with a milling machine, meaning that the computer only controls the way it is fed in. In the case of precision turned parts, a piece of metal could be fed into the milling machine. After the rotary blades have cut off a certain amount of material, you may be left with a product which you would recognise. Check out this video of a CNC milling machine in action, producing a model cannon wheel.

A CNC milling machine is usually used to make parts of a device which need to be as accurately reproduced as possible. Any small error could mean that the final product is completely useless, so it is important that the computer is set up correctly, and that there is a strict quality control system which checks to make sure that the product is immaculate and will work as a part of the final product.

CNC is a revolutionary concept which has been absolutely fundamental to modern design and construction. Without CNC, production would be much more labour intensive, meaning products would be more expensive and much lower quality. Many of the products we take for granted would not even exist. CNC milling will constantly evolve over time, ideally making products even cheaper to produce by taking less and less time. The future of CNC production is exciting indeed.

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