Everything You Need to Know about the Hand Held Engraving Machine

by Joseph Marie General
Product manufacturing has grown leaps and bounds ever since the industrial revolution. But the act of engraving or etching on the surface of the material has not lost its importance.

So, it is very important to mark the authenticity of any product. And in a world governed by brand names and images, it is essential that each and every product is marked with durable and quality engravings.

Just as technology made it possible to create mass productions of the highest quality possible, there are so many methods and tools by which you can effectively mark your products.

One of the best and effective ways is to use hand held engraving machine which boost up productivity and offers a great quality work and are convenient to use.

What Is Hand Held Engraving Machine?

Hand held engraving machines are devices that can be used to create detailed engravings on a metal surface with the help of hardened, shaped and sharpened piece of steel called a ‘graver’.

The shape and the angle at which the graver is held to decide the furrow shape and by changing the angle continuously, you can create engravings of various styles and thickness.

Handheld engraving machines are broadly classified into two types based on the method by which the engraving is done. They are:

• Hand pressure –push graver which uses a lightweight hammer and chisel to create the engravings.

• Pneumatic air gravers which mimic the action of hammer and chisel graver with the help of air pressure.

Hand pressure gravers require the use of both hands, whereas while using a pneumatic graver, one of your hands can be left free.

Mastering the art of engraving requires experience and skillful handling of the hand held engraver. Many hand held engraving machines come with inbuilt software that lets you control the engravings and create precise cuts and furrows.

What You Should Know To Buy A Handheld Engraving Machine?

Handheld engraving machines are compact and flexible and offer several advantages over stationary engravers.

But before you get yourself one of these, you should understand how it works and whether it will work for you. Some of the features that make a handheld engraving machine useful are given below.

Check out these features before you purchase a handheld engraving machine.

• The average marking speed of a hand held engraving machine working on an area size of 80mm by 25 mm is 30-40 mm/s with an impact frequency of 300 mm/s.

• The typical repeated accuracy is 0.001 mm and marking depth is 0.1 -2 mm.

• Look for the temperature resistance of the machine and the accepted humidity levels in which they work. Most of the machines can work in temperatures ranging from 0-40 degrees centigrade and a humidity of 0 to 90%.

• The conventional range of voltage levels in which they work are AC 220 V 50 Hz or AC 110V 60 Hz and that of the air power request is 0.2 Mpa to 0.6Mpa.

• Handheld engraving machines are capable of working in a variety of surfaces and you should check whether the surface type that you are working with comes under this list.

• Check out the functionality and effectiveness of the software that comes along with the machine.

Advantages of Handheld Engraving Machine

As mentioned earlier repeatedly, the benefits of using a handheld engraving machine are large and many. Let us list out the obvious for you.

• Hand held engravers can be used on many types of surface materials and offer flexibility in use. They are portable, easy to carry around and have an ergonomic design.

• They are applicable in a wider range of applications ranging from automotive, engineering, surgical instruments to car number plates and can be used to mark a variety of different font styles, number and images. They can be used to mark your products in a variety of languages and all types of graphics.

• They are easy-to-use and operate. They require minimal installation steps and have a very low learning curve. Using them is easy; using them to perfection to create artistic etchings may require excellent skill from your side.
• They are durable and are capable of working under harsh conditions and are lightweight.

So, when do you plan to use hand held engraving machine?

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