Benefits of Using Data Loggers Across Various Industries

by Madge Tech We Build Data Loggers
Data loggers serve many purposes across a variety of industries to help maintain safety, quality of products, and consistency. Stationary data loggers can be mounted or attached to industrial equipment or used in production locations. Wireless units are useful for creating a wireless logger network to cover your facility or for recording data during shipping as products or materials are moved from location to location. There are data loggers and data logger monitoring services to suit the individual needs across many industries.

The Food Industry

Data loggers can be used during processing, cooking, cooling, storage and shipping of meat, poultry and other food products. The devices can collect data for temperature and humidity, relaying it to a central computer. The loggers can be configured to sound off audible alerts if the conditions in the room or storage container are not optimal for the product. The devices can also send alerts via e-mail, text message, or on screen alarm so that your staff can see to the issue and solve the problem in real time. Utilizing data loggers and logging software helps to ensure FDA regulations are met while minimizing the risk of losing products. The temperature monitoring devices are durable and are designed to withstand harsh conditions such as extreme cold, extreme heat and wash down environments.

Pharmaceutical Companies and Medical Labs

In the medical industry, dealing in pharmaceuticals, storing samples of cells or strands of DNA, it is important to maintain precise and consistent temperatures and levels of humidity. A drastic change in temperature can kill or damage samples and spoil the development of medications. Because of the sensitive nature of scientific research and development, having temperature and humidity data loggers is a necessity. There are a variety of data logger types to address different needs within the medical industry.
One specialized application is the need for vaccine monitoring. A complete system for monitoring vaccines includes a data logger, thermocouple probe, glycol bottle and the software to analyze and share the data. Some other data loggers are designed specifically for steam sterilization, these devices are the only way to truly monitor the full process and ensure safety and compliance.  Many different temperature data loggers are available for a range of medical applications, ranging from extremely high temperature monitoring to ultra-low or cryo temperature monitoring. Many data logger models have digital screens that allow the user quick access to readings and the ability to make adjustments.
Much of the medical industry is obligated to conform to guidelines provided by the Food and Drug Administration. Secure data logging software is an essential tool to industries that are required to comply with FDA 21CFR Part 11.

Hazardous Chemicals

Many industries deal with dangerous chemicals and gasses that are sensitive to changes in their environment. These processes would not be possible to perform safely without the use of data loggers. One hazardous gas that is used for sterilization in many applications is Ethelyne Oxide or EtO. This is widely used for items that are unable to be sterilized with steam, such as gauze and other sensitive materials. Processes requiring EtO sterilization are strictly regulated and data logging equipment must be certified as intrinsically safe and calibrated regularly. MadgeTech’s line of intrinsically safe data loggers cater specifically to the needs of the EtO industry. These rugged devices withstand the temperatures and exposure to EtO while providing valuable and necessary data to the facilities that provide sterilization services.

Oil and Gas

Not only is it important to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity, but it is also important to maintain appropriate pressure levels with many gasses. Pressure data loggers can detect leaks in containers by monitoring the pressure level. This is necessary when handling explosive chemicals and/or flammable gases such as hydrogen.  Oil drilling and well monitoring are other examples of vital processes that rely upon the capabilities of data loggers to provide record of pressure readings and temperature measurements for safe operation. Data loggers can be set up to send real time alerts to personnel, alerting the necessary staff of any issues, potentially preventing a catastrophe.


Digital screens make data logging devices easy to read and simple to set up. A variety of sizes, materials, and form factors allow users to choose the perfect device for their space or application. Real time monitoring of temperature, humidity, and pressure can validate processes, maintain safety, and help reduce the risk of losing materials to spoilage. Having a data logging device installed in your kitchen, lab, storage facility or vehicle provides assurance that you will have the data needed to determine if your process is being executed properly and your goods protected. Alarms can be configured in a variety of ways including audible alerts, SMS (text), e-mail, and on screen, letting the user know exactly when any limits have been breached. A key ingredient in data logging is the software interface that ties it all together. A well rounded electronic data dashboard to analyze, sort and present your findings is a vital piece of the puzzle, no matter what industry you are in.

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