Aluminum scrap recycling

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Produced aluminum powder by aluminum scrap is an important component of recycled aluminum industry. There are some certain requirements on using aluminum scrap to produce aluminum powder, not any aluminum scrap can be produced aluminum powder. Aluminum scrap must be classified clearly, and clean with pretreatment. If the technology used appropriately, it can produce aluminum powder which complies with the relevant standards.


Produced aluminum powder by aluminum scrap has many advantages, first is high metal recovery, second is high-value, third is low cost, therefore, use aluminum scrap to produce aluminum powder is a shortcut of aluminum scrap used. But it is worth mentioning that aluminum scrap are most existed in the state of alloy, so that the produced aluminum powder is a kind of common aluminum powder, the main purpose is for ferroalloy production, fireworks production, steelmaking and coatings which less demanding on the aluminum, it is impossible to produce high-grade aluminum powder.


Chinese recycling resources of aluminum scrap are relatively large, but different regions are with different recycling price, price also changed by raw aluminum ingot. But in general, the price spread with raw aluminum ingots is 3-4 thousand yuan per ton, cans' price spread may be a little larger. Cold working and produce aluminum powder by aluminum scrap should make full use of the advantage of the big price difference with aluminum scrap and original aluminum ingots.


Traditional aluminum powder production techniques are liquation spray method, ball-milling method. But metal powder supplier found that there is a problem, burning problem that the aluminum scrap are existing in the melting process, it will lead to low metal recovery rate, at about 92%, and the cost is higher. With industrial development, a new aluminum production technology began to be applied, this is the pure mechanical crushing method producing aluminum powder, which is characterized by lower requirements on aluminum scrap, no burning, high metal recovery, the theoretical metal recovery was 100%, actual recovery rate can reach 98%, and no environmental pollution.


As technology develops, people presented increasingly demanding requirements on all aspects of the material performance. Non-ferrous metals are indispensable materials of modern national defense, modern industry and cutting-edge science and technology and people's lives, the development of industrial materials driven the development of non-ferrous metals. Aluminum powder widely used in metallurgy, aerospace, chemicals, fireworks and other industries, the application is very widely.


The requirements of mechanical method for aluminum are depending on the brand of aluminum powder, general industrial aluminum powder produced according to international standards, the main raw material is aluminum ingots, aluminum-magnesium alloy and so on. The main raw material is pure aluminum ingots in the production, then added magnesium alloy in proportion, melted into ingots, and crushed into large granular powder, finally deep processing and ball-milling into various specification aluminum powder.


The basic requirement of using cold working method to produce aluminum powder is single component, as long as the waste not mixed with impurities, and the aluminum scrap through rigorous pre-treatment, the quality of aluminum powder would not be degraded. In order to improve the quality of aluminum powder, before processing aluminum scrap, it should be through strict pretreatment to select impurities, washed greasy dirt and so on. The most commonly used materials are: Waste cans, aluminum extrusions (such as 6063 aluminum alloy scraps), aluminum wire, aluminum scrap, mechanical processing aluminum scrap and so on. All of these aluminum scrap above can be produced ordinary aluminum by mechanical method. Not only have good products quality, but also with low processing costs, less investment and get effect instantly.


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