6 cost effective ways to transform your home into an eco-friendly place to live

by Mickie Thomas Skylights Los Angeles 

Due to an unexpected growth in the adverse effects of advance technologies, people are moving towards cost effective and eco-friendly alternatives. Beside the technology, there are some other ways that can give you better and smart living. And what’s better than having something natural and authentic feeling in your home. There are some people that believe in energy efficient resources in their home- whether it is about getting the feeling of pure and natural sunlight in the winters or fresh air during summers.

In order to make a positive impact on the nature, few energy efficient steps are most essential. Fortunately, some home decors are also putting affords on making this world more eco-friendly by launching such low electricity consuming appliances and lightening solutions. So, in order to support our nature, we should also contribute at our own personal level.

Therefore, let’s talk about the 6 best cost effective and energy efficient ways that can make your home eco- friendly.

·         Replace all the ordinary lightening bulbs or tubs from your living room

Ordinary bulbs, tubes or lamps are more electricity consuming. Compact fluorescent light bulbs are quite eco-friendly as compare to other fancy lights. Try to turn off all the lights and sockets while going out of your living rooms in order to save the electricity or cost. Especially, you are having TV or AC in your room; turn them off if they are not required. You can also use the fastest growing plant- bamboo in flooring of your living room in order to save extra money on other types of costly flooring.

·         Make use of eco-friendly appliances in your kitchen

Today, homemakers utilize most of the appliances in their kitchen only. Try to use those kitchen appliances that are low energy based and try to save electricity. You can also use some natural ingredients to kill all the bacteria and germs from your kitchen. Use only energy saving appliances. For example, prefer microwave over oven. Switch off all the kitchen appliances after using them.

·         Use indoor plants

Indoor plants are the best choice to make your home a better place to live. These plants give an authentic look to home, and also keep your home refreshing. These plants can also keep you in light and happy mood. Having your favorite indoor plants in your bedroom can spread the positive around you which is responsible for a happy environment. It inspires you to become greener and improves the quality of the air in your bedroom.

·         Use energy efficient roof windows for your home

Skylights are one of the best roof windows and are very well known for their energy efficient benefits. These windows are available in multiple types- fixed skylights, ventilating and tubular skylights. Each type is unique and has different features in terms of energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. Skylight shades are one of the most interesting features. You can try Velux skylights that are quite energy efficient and will definitely save your electricity as well as money.

·         Use eco-friendly paints for the walls

Many people stay so much excited in painting their walls with one of the best color shades. We should also remember these paints may have negative effect on your environment. Luckily there are some eco-friendly paints available in the market. So, you can try them for your home. This can also be one of your initial steps towards eco-friendly home transformation. Play with different color to make your home look so beautiful but do not forget to use eco-friendly paints.

·         Use organic sheets and mattress for your home

Fortunately, we can buy eco- friendly stuff for our home. Similarly, there are some organic sheets and mattress that are available in the market which can make your home eco-friendly.

By following the above tips, you can surely transform your home into an eco-friendly place. We should make use those energy saving devices that can save our money on large electricity bills. Having a healthy environment and natural feeling is far better than anything. So, always try to make even little efforts towards making this world better place to live happily.

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