APsense can be a opportunity to improve our communication skills

by Belinha Fernandes Plastic artist

People from all corners of the world gather at APsense. But different kinds of people means different culture and different languages. As fortunately Apsense does not have automatic integrated translator most of us are expressing in English. I was reluctant to use my English online for a long time.I had no choice but to use it when I opened my first store online and I'm glad I did because it's slowly improving.

One of these days – and I haven’t been here for long – I was alarmed when I saw a member questioning another member’s capacity to make questions. The issue was not the content of that particular question but the spelling. I am 100% proficient in the use of Portuguese language and sometimes I get really upset when I get bad spelling because I love my language. I can relate to that.

We have this Portuguese expression – enfiar a carapuça – that literally means to put the hood on. For a second I felt like that reprehension was meant for me too. I put the hood on! I felt a bit disencouraged. The guy must have felt even worse than I did I suppose! Writing is what we do at APsense, lots of it. How was I going to succeed? Some of us might be daily dealing with language barrier at APsense. So I am not alone, we’re not alone, that's what I thought. And then more thoughts came to my mind...

1.We can’t let our fear of English imperfection stop us from pursuing our goals. What will we lose if we worry too much about it? Knowledge, connections, team support, business ideas, marketing awareness, occasional fun and more! So we must keep on and accept that here and there someone will dislike our writing. It’s not a big price to pay.

2.We must concentrate on getting the message out the best we can so our readers can understand us. If people understand what we are saying that will be good enough. We do not want a place in literary American history, do we? We'll go for short sentences and simple words. We'll use help: I have always my good old fashioned dictionary on the desk and I use it. If I am writing an article I use a text editor with spell-check.

3.We will not facilitate language mistakes and get lazy on it thinking that we will be excused just because we are not English speaker natives.

4.We’ll eventually see our writing skills improved if we keep writing and reading in English right here at APsense. Reading articles and commenting is a good exercise. And we can find online help to improve our skills, there are plenty resources available.

5. More important than perfect English writing is originality we are able to bring into our words. So I think: don’t rush into finishing a post just because you have a daily mission to accomplish and some credits to earn. Give it some thought. Is it fresh content? Is there another view on it you can explore?  Unique content will always be a winner when blogging is our mission.

6.What about using photos and diagrams to help explaining our views on a subject? We can try that too because pictures are universal language. Anything goes!

Clear, creative and persuasive English is a basic need if you're doing or aspiring to do business online. APsense can be a opportunity to improve our communication skills. We're on our way! And we're not alone!



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Gabriela Raine Committed   website analyst
I do agree that this is a place that can hlep to build the coomunication skills with others
Apr 29th 2011 02:13   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
Belinha, awesome article. It covers the learning English topic in a very clear and positive way.

This deserves a top, tweet, and share on FB. :)
Apr 29th 2011 13:48   
Belinha Fernandes Advanced   Plastic artist
Thank you LvJie and Philippe for feedback!
Apr 29th 2011 14:52   
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