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Joined APSense since, April 16th, 2011, From Figueira da Foz, Portugal.
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Since 2006 I've worked as an illustrator and creative writer. I´m just starting to explore tools and opportunities internet marketing provides. I own 2 online stores.

I was born in Lisbon, Portugal's capital, but lived in several different cities. I travelled in Europe only. I love animals, Nature and seaside life. In my free time I enjoy reading poetry, watching movies, and meeting creative people. I'm additcted to internet surfing, "how-to's" of all kinds and love to learn about everything. And I really,really need to buy a new computer as soon as possible. Well, that's me!

I had several occupations so far
1.I was a Social Project Coordinator. Tasks: Organizing educational drama activities aimed for children and youngsters that mainly presented a profile of incompetent coping with school,social withdrawal and low socioeconomic status.
Supervising computer center activities for children and youngsters (the basics of PC use and Internet.)

2. I was a field agent and Head of Department General Management Associação Fernão Mendes Pinto, NGO. Tasks: Organizing professional training programmes for young adults.Supervising child care services.Organizing youth exchange. programmes. Establishing partnership with other civil organisations.Supervising intervention teams on drug abuse prevention.Coordinating and reseaching on social issues (Gender equality) - a project within the Employment, Social Affairs & Equal Opportunities Directorate-General(EC).Gender Equality trainner.

3. I was a Chief editor Newspaper Terras de Montemor. Tasks: Chief editor,some reporter responsability (Culture section).

4. My first profession: I started as a Laywer and had a brief experience on criminal and corporate law.

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Cheryl Baumgartner Professional  
Every so often a new member comes to APSense and you can tell that they have what it takes to become a respected member. Belinha is one of those new members that is going places. She is intelligent and outgoing quickly finding her place here. I'm looking forward to seeing her rise to a truly respected member here.
Joseph Botelho Magnate I  
Met this young Lady today, she is from the main land in this wonderful country called Portugal, l was born under the same flag but in the islands of the Azores. Belinha in her first day here at APSense has surf, our site, starting to understand what we have. I honestly believe she has the talent to develop APSense in Portugal...her large networking and talents in Marketing....Belinha, like us has an incredible hid ended talent we never use....Belinda, learn our features, use them, "MASTER THEM" and ask me any question you need to know....l will support our flag.... or any member who need help here at APSense!! You will do Well Here ....Can You Handle Success... All The Best Joseph F. Botelho

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