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by Lillie Oliver Taking Care of Business
The first thing internet marketers should look for in order to get their business rolling is traffic. This actually is the beginning and the end in marketing for online presence activity.   Getting traffic to a website is a common sense must for conducting online business. Otherwise there isn?t any purpose in having a site at all. Getting traffic is simply getting visitors to view your site. This is done in a variety of ways.  

There are several types of services for directing traffic to a site. Some, like spam are very unfavored, while others like pay-per-click search engine ads are considered the best.   One well known method used to generate website traffic that I will be discussing in this post, falls somewhere in between. I am mentioning this because it is a rather controversial issue as to weather this method falls into the bad or good category of traffic generating.

My aim is to share my experience with it.

Traffic Exchanges are pay per view services for viewing websites in exchange for others to view yours. There are some points of views expressing this type of traffic as questionable. However many feel it is a great way to keep up to date with what?s new as well as a good source finding people who may be interested in whatever they are promoting.

  Traffic exchanges are subject to the same interactive positive and negative behaviors the rest of the internet are. There is nothing wrong with the service Traffic Exchanges provide, it?s perfectly legitimate and fine. It is how people use it that creates the good or bad activity. For example, email is a service that near everyone on the net uses. On the positive side it is great for communicating. However it is also used for spamming.

 We don?t condemn email services due to spam. The idea behind TE is to take a look at what?s being shown and if you like it, take things to the next level. This is very much like Google ads where each click has it?s value in earning on the publisher?s side and spending on the promoter?s side. The difference being search engines are more individually targeted, while most exchanges are membership targeted.  

The conditions of how traffic exchange sites work differ. To own and run one is simply a matter of purchasing an applicable script. The more complicated aspect is to design and choose how to set up your exchange site to work.

The standards types are basically the same click, view, and timer set up. Some of these types have been around for several years.  


 Owning a traffic exchange is becoming a popular way to conduct online business. Each standard set up still comes with it?s own theme and unique twist to it.   Although each one is set up to attract people with an interest in their theme, the bulk of their sites to be viewed are business related.
~Hits Safari This exchange has several years behind it?s existence. It is a simple set up that is easy to follow and understand. It appeals to animal lovers with an interest for site traffic ~Marijuana Hits Is a real attention grabber for the curious non burnt-out brains that wish to make a stand in legalizing marijuana for medical purposes.
~Traffic Toolbar A very old but updated unique exchange. It supplies a service that leads to targeted views of your site through a downloaded tool bar that shows ads as you use your browser for other things In addition to attracting through interest topic some exchanges have chat features added. This can be a plus for interacting with potential prospects who have just viewed your site.
~Traffic Dance This is a fairly new and very lively Traffic exchange. With music, color, and chat features.
~Sweeva Has the ability to let you interact with other members in real time as they view sites. Finally the last category of exchanges that I have had experience with are those that have search engine like ads to click on instead of an automatic rotation of sites. This brings a more precise personal interest aspect to the exchange. In addition these sites are prone to a wide variety in types of sites, where as others generally are business related.
 ~Traffic Swarm Is well known for it?s unique way to mix and mingle search engine like click per view ads with timed viewing in exchange for your own ad to be posted. The viewers get to pick the ads that interest them.
~Click Thru Is the exchange with a lot of variety. There are different ways to submit your sites, different ways to view, and different ways to spend your earned credit.
~AdLand Pro This is a full fledged Business Communities with a combination of groups, forums, members profile, and a traffic exchange. A very huge community that has many years behind it also.  

The sites I have listed here are just a few of many traffic exchanges. The venture into the world of exchanges can have you up to your ears in views. My advice is to take it slow and try to stick to just a few. If you find you like them you can always grow from there.

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Fred Mugone Magnate I   Health, Wellness, e-Business
I agree with you, traffic is the beginning and the end in marketing for online presence activity. Without it you are guaranteed to fail. Overall, your article has very good tips on how to generate traffic.
Mar 11th 2011 10:14   
Emma Padilla Senior   Affiliate Marketer
I love traffic exchanges and I surf them everyday. They are great for branding yourself as well. Thank you for your informative article.
Mar 11th 2011 11:53   
Faye Owens Senior   Internet Marketing
Thank you for this informative article on traffic exchanges. I use them but not as often as I should.
Mar 11th 2011 12:27   
Deborah Swain Advanced   Security Manager
As the owner of 3 exchanges,The use of traffic exchanges can be very effective if used correctly, the main thing I see is that people join them post their ads and forget about them until they join the next venture and come back to add it,consistency is the key to being success with TE's,and following a plan you can earn with TE's as well, any one that wishes to know this method feel free to contact me.
Mar 11th 2011 13:23   
Wayne Kuschert Advanced   
As a new web site owner this is right up the top of my list of must have's.There are so many ways to drive traffic to your site,but the real question for me is witch is the most cost effective way to do this in money and time spent?
Mar 11th 2011 18:46   
Komang Putrawan Senior   web programmer
nice info gan....
Mar 11th 2011 22:28   
Madelon J. Advanced   Hospitality Manager
Informal article, thank you for sharing
Mar 12th 2011 01:14   
Bonnie Richardson Advanced   transcriptionist
I use te's a lot to increase my traffic and to get advertising ideas. Another great resource if you are starting out is safelist. They are free and easy to use with a lot of FREE attaCHED TO EACH SAFELIST YOU JOIN.
Mar 13th 2011 08:27   
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