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DIR-ACT - platform for musicians & artists - Oct 23rd 2019 08:40

About our Business

DIR-ACT is the global online platform where artists can profile themselves and where bookers can find and book them. 

Fully automated different efficient tools are presented on this platform: 
- publicity, every act has its own page
- 5 categories, with each several sub-categories,
- agenda management, availability
- terms & conditions,
- contracts, 

DIR-ACT presents a smart search engine and an automated reservation system: direct, quick and transparent.

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Additional Info.

On a daily base acts are looking for gigs, worldwide. Every day people around the world are looking for acts. By the online platform of DIR-ACT both groups come together. Whether it concerns a band for a festival, a clown for a children's party, a trumpeter for a ceremony or a dance group to support a singer. Everyone uses DIR-ACT to present their acts or book them, on fixed terms and at a fixed price. DIR-ACT offers a fast, transparent, secure and easy online way for bookers and acts to come together.