Is Your Computer Safe?

by Dawie Bezuidenhout Systems Engineer I.T.

I recently posted a article regarding Botnets and explained what it is and what it is used for by the unethical people online. The question on protecting yourself against Botnets arised another topic and i thought i would rather write a Blog to get more peoples attention to this serious issue.


In its simplest form, a keylogger trojan is malicious software that monitors your keystrokes, logging them to a file and sending them off to remote attackers often Botnets. Some keyloggers are sold as commercial software - the type a parent might use to record their children's online activities or a suspicious spouse might install to keep tabs on their partner. (Not always the right strategy to follow i might add)

Keyloggers may record all keystrokes, or they may be sophisticated enough to monitor for specific activity - like opening a web browser pointing to your online banking site. When the desired behavior is observed, the keylogger goes into record mode, capturing your login username and password.

Some sites attempt to thwart keyloggers by having the user respond to visual cues they must point to with their mouse instead of using their keyboard. However, some keylogger trojans also capture screenshots, thereby negating the effect of this strategy.

Keyloggers and other forms of remote-access trojans tend to be the most determined malware, taking extra steps to stealth its presence, including through the use of rootkits.

The best defense against keyloggers is prevention. One of the most common infection sources is peer-to-peer (P2P) filesharing networks, such as Kazaa, Morpheus, Gnutella, and dozens of others. Keyloggers are also commonly sent as email attachments and via links in instant messages that point to the infected file.

Too often, people are lulled into a false sense of security, believing, for example, that if they simply switch to a different browser they will be safe from harm. It's simply not so simple. To stay safe means becoming proactively engaged in your own security.


  • Keep your Windows updated with the latest available security updates and related updates.
  • The use of a Good Antivirus program is your first step to prevent these types of infections and attacks. Programs such as "Avast", "Kaspersky", "Nortons" and "Mcafee" are a good start. Ps. Always keep you software updated with the latest definitions, otherwise they would be of no use.
  • Install a Good and trusted Firewall, check out this site for Firewalls and tips.
  • To add to your protection you must have a good Antispyware installed, such as "Spybot Search And Destroy", "Superantispyware" or "No-Adware". Also keep them updated to the latest definitions.
  • "Zemana Antilogger" is one of the best antilogger programs i have tested thus far and can boost your protection even more.

As a last resort you can use online scanning like this service, Multi engine antivirus scanner which scans your file with 24 antivirus engines and reports it back to you if the file is recognized as a virus or spyware. This ensures that none of the malicious programs can escape from being detected as there are 24 different antivirus engines involved in the scanning process.

I hope that this will help you in protecting your computer and your personal data. Always treat your computer with some TLC, afterall it is your most important tool you use to do business on the internet.


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Star t. Advanced  Webmaster
This is a good an informative blog, people need to be aware of security issues on the internet, a paid antivirus service is the best solution.
Nov 12th 2010 09:38   
Sean North Professional   Business
Thanks for this informative and essential post, people need to get into the habit of checking, updating and maitaining their systems on a regular basis, you wouldn't drive your car without servicing it so why do it on your PC where the risks can be a nightmare. as the old saying goes "but for a penny worth of tar"
Nov 12th 2010 09:39   
Dawie Bezuidenhout Professional   Systems Engineer I.T.
@Skyggen, i do agree that the professional versions of antivirus programs gives you a wider range of protection. Unfortunately not everyone using the internet can afford it. So by combining these options above in the right order one can get away with excellent protection for free.

@Sean, many people seem to think that after they bought a computer it will just run and run and run forever, which is far from the truth as you well know. You need to keep your computers software updated and the drives neat and clean for it to perform as it should.
Nov 12th 2010 09:46   
dyah Freshman  
Wow..your blog is very informative and useful. Good..thanks
Nov 12th 2010 10:26   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional Premium   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
IN addition to my firewall I also keep Spybot, AdAware and Avast running in the background.

Every night I'm running full systems scans. So far so good. With the first scan I ran I can't tell you how much I picked up. I also thrown in a good AVG scan once a week. It works for me.

I'm also extremely careful of what I'm clicking on. I do not click on any shortened url outside of trusted sites like Twiiter or and as a CITRMS for those of you using shortened URL and URL Cloakers, I am actively telling your prospects NOT to click on them. You may want to consider that.
Nov 12th 2010 11:50   
Dawie Bezuidenhout Professional   Systems Engineer I.T.
Thanks for that Cheryl, The url shortener services is also Guru tactics just to get you to sign up at other services with the warning of "don't let people steal your commisions".
To be honest i don't want anybody in my downline if they have those tendencies to remove peoples referral id's, that is common thievery and i don't associate myself with that kind.
Do unto others as you would like them to treat you, if you do that you don't have to hide your id's.
Boils down to business ethics and honesty.
Nov 12th 2010 12:23   
Farid Muhammad Yusuf Senior   
This blog is imformation very important. Good job Dawie.
Nov 12th 2010 12:47   
Dawie Bezuidenhout Professional   Systems Engineer I.T.
Thank You "Dyah" and "Farid".
Nov 12th 2010 12:56   
Barbara Chapman Senior   Internet Marketer
this is really useful, most of us have become way too trusting.
Nov 12th 2010 12:56   
Dawie Bezuidenhout Professional   Systems Engineer I.T.
Thanks Barbara, many people don't realise how important it is to guard oneself online.
Nov 12th 2010 16:00   
Ian Begg Committed   Marketer, Engineer
Thanks for the great post Dawie, it's amazing how much of this kind of stuff can be picked up even via "drive by" attacks. my teenage daughter in-law was the worst for downloading stuff from her friends etc using P2P software, I was forever re-imaging the machine because she would happily click on anything and everything. Education is the cure. Thanks.
Nov 12th 2010 18:40   
Dawie Bezuidenhout Professional   Systems Engineer I.T.
@Ian, don't worry mate, i have had that same issues with my kids computers, they copy content from the web to their phones, from there to the pc's and so on. No regard to virusses or trojans or any other kind of infections, "Dad will fix it if it is broken" attitude.
Nov 12th 2010 18:52   
Harold Baughman Professional   

Nov 13th 2010 01:15   
Vladimir Lugansky Senior   Forex Trade
Excellent and the helpful information for all users
Nov 13th 2010 03:05   
Dawie Bezuidenhout Professional   Systems Engineer I.T.
Thanks Harold and Vlad, it's my pleasure to be of help.
Nov 13th 2010 13:47   
Harold Baughman Professional   
I've come to "TRUST" just about everything you promote, Dawie.....I hope you keep "PROMOTING"!

Nov 13th 2010 18:26   
Catherine White Committed   Entreprenuer
Excellent information. I need to become more diligent in the protection of my computer. I install anti-virus software and expect it to do it all. Thanks for the tips.
Dec 26th 2010 14:08   
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