Text Ad Function: Ad View Network vs Ad Exchange Network

by Empayar Utama Accountant

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Recently I received a comment

from an affiliate who is proud

on the ads provided by

CBProAds. He wrote: "Thanks

for your comments. From my

experience of CBO Ads, they are excellent, you can have your own store to promote plus ads, you make money, from your down line members? ads, and if they upgrade, you get 50% commission. Now I must admit, I don't know, how click bank site works, I know, they have good customer service but that is it, have you used clickbank before?". I try my best to answer it and at the same time, try to avoid this post entry linked to Ad Networks concept which involve Publishers and Advertisers.


Besides functioning as promotion tools for some of programs, Text Ad also act as Traffic Generator. So if I exclude Ad Networks; these Text Ads under Advertising Network Exchange can be split into:


~ 1. Ad View Networks where Text Ads are displayed as promotional tools to some affiliate programs. And most of these programs have their own marketplace. We hope that some sales can be made through it. The returns are really great where you gain 70% to 100% of each sale, get some % on activities done by your referrals and at the same strengthen your baseline. As a free member, you are limited to certain basic features and most affiliate programs offer a lifetime membership fee. Amongst these programs are CbProAds, ClickBank, Amazon, etc.

CbProAds ? commission paid only to pro members. 50% products are linked using your ClickBank affiliate ID. Sometimes you are given a discount coupon to buy the membership fee. 13 types of Basic Text Ad; 150x700 widget ad; 9 types of text ads with image; slide show; scroll ads; and you are given special website called StoreFront.


ClickBank has 10 ad types of Hopfeed Ads and a 300 width Hopfeed Tabbed Ad Box carried with 5 links with titles on the top. If you are promoting ClickBank?s products, why you need to go for CBProAds that use your ClickBank affiliate ID?


Amazon has a 120x240 text ads with image; 11 types of widget with image; and 120x240 text ad with image for

You can also create your own website (aStore) with all chosen products linked to your affiliate URL.

These Ads only display at your own site (you need a blog/website to display the code given) and you have to do lots of promotion for it. In other words, you are promoting few products through a script provided by webmaster on your site translated by Text Ads.


Talking about affiliate programs like the above examples, did you notice that you are not disclosed on the minimum payout entitlement? My doubt is; I am promoting these programs for what? Think it yourself.



~ 2. Ad Exchange Networks where these programs become your traffic generators by commonly adding credit points to enable your Text Ads being displayed. They are not marketplaces but service providers with monthly membership fees if you need additional features; such as Free-Ad Depot (600x160 Horizontal and 200x400 Vertical); Croc-Ads; AdsVert (Static and Floating with 4 Ad Styles each);  Link-Service?Business Marketing; WebTrafficJuggernaut (325x440 floating text ads); among others.


These Text Ads displayed amongst members? website of the program; and will rotate on the webmaster?s site.


Besides; still there are few other Ad Exchange Networks provide free traffic such as LinkReferral (depends on how many ads you want to put horizontally or vertically); TrafficSwarm (up to a max 10 links to be displayed -  300x350 ad style); Free Advertising Tips-AdgridWork (7 types of Horizontal Ad Blocks and 8 types of Vertical Ad Blocks); AdvertiseFreeForLife (Large 1078x182 floating text ad appears from bottom of your page for a few seconds); TweetTrafficRush (quite new with 220x545 tweet ads); etc.



Type of Text Ads Display, comes with various patterns such as:


~ Basic box (horizontally or vertically); and some Ad Exchange Networks provide picture ads and sliding ads together.

~ Inline ads - It display only when your arrow pointed to selective words. Example:

~ Widget ads - normally you can customize the colors and sizes to match with your site. Examples: TheWidgeteers; BlogUpp

~ Fly In ads ? from left to right or vice versa. Example: FlyInAds

~ Drop down ads ? from the top of your page and these ads normally come in terms of widget box. Example: Hovering Ads

~ Floating ads ? appear from the left, right, top, or bottom of your page. Example: AdvertiseFreeForLife





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Vladimir Lugansky Senior   Forex Trade
Thanks for the useful information in work
Oct 30th 2010 09:04   
Vladimirs Zimaikovs Advanced  Designer
Thanks for the information provided on LinkBuch site, the site itself is quite large and unlimited opportunities for work, I have not once met with this website and it strikes me that when he appeared in my stream pops pop-up ads is the way it should be certain! Good luck.
Oct 30th 2010 09:15   
Miroslav Grgic Advanced   
It is only visible to campaign creator!
Oct 30th 2010 09:15   
Slawomir Sobotowski Professional   Web Designer, Admin
This is very useful information. Great blog post. Thanks
Oct 30th 2010 09:16   
Aleksandar Misackovski Advanced   
usefull info, i just wonder if text adds are effective enough for us to waste time with it
Oct 30th 2010 09:17   
Dame Andre Advanced   Master Chef
nice url, maybe next time I will join you
Oct 30th 2010 09:19   
Jeff Greene Committed   Online Marketing Specialist/Consultant
The writer tried to capture the all of the great features of this product in his description, but I feel that it would be best to try it for yourselves...
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Bipin Shah Magnate I   Self Employed
Thanks For Sharing This Opportunity
Oct 30th 2010 09:21   
Kalpesh Kansara Innovator   Online Business
Silver items from rajkot at j.c.kansara
Oct 30th 2010 09:29   
feng liang Innovator   Web Designer
Thanks for the information provided on LinkBuch site, the site itself is quite large and unlimited opportunities for work, I have not once met with this website and it strikes me that when he appeared in my stream pops pop-up ads is the way it should be certain! Good luck.
Oct 30th 2010 09:36   
Ian Begg Committed   Marketer, Engineer
I'm a Pro member of CBPro and can say it's a great site. I have a CBPro store widget on my APsense business centre page. I also use SKADOOGLE, both have great advantages. Doesn't hurt to have your eggs in more than one basket.
Oct 30th 2010 09:38   
Kelly-Anne Hindle Junior  Online Entrepreneur
Thanx for sharing this interesting information.
Oct 30th 2010 09:42   
Ginevra Pribaz Advanced   internet on line
It's a beutifull site but I don't interested.
Oct 30th 2010 10:08   
Oleg Spiridonov Senior   &&&
50% products are linked using your ClickBank affiliate ID
Oct 30th 2010 10:11   
Mariana Norman Committed   
This one is really a very good information ..congrate....
Oct 30th 2010 10:11   
Sandra K. Advanced   Health and Fitness Coach
Thanks for this info! Ive been trying to get more traffic to my site and needed info on how and what to do and not do!
Oct 30th 2010 10:20   
lilhawk Innovator  
don't quite understand what is being sold/advertised...not very compelling...what's the product? twitter? texting?
Oct 30th 2010 10:22   
Deborah Marslender Senior   Business Owner
Great content. Deserves more consideration. Will research more of this later.
Oct 30th 2010 10:24   
Steve C. Senior   Online Marketer
Interesting blog. I will investigate further.
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Thanks a lot for you and your work--------------
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