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 One out of every two Americans say they are less confident today about their retirement outlook than they were a year ago.
Even people who have done a better job of saving are worried.

America’s Social Security System is a failed program that
threatens to destroy the U.S. economy and bankrupt our nation.

In 2011, SOCIAL SECURITY INTERNATIONAL was developed as a way to meet the growing demand for a simple, stable, secure, private sector program that would fulfill the failed promises of the U.S. Social Security System.

SSI CAN provide YOU with a simple yet effective means to immediately increase your income, and SSI CAN connect you with a community of like-minded people who are also working to build a solid retirement income through saving and investing.

 SSI CAN be the vehicle that helps YOU to position yourself among those dedicated and determined individuals who are financially secure enough not to have to worry about what happens to the U.S. Social Security System.


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