Your reputation Online

by Linda Chisnall

Marketing yourself is just as important as marketing your products/service.  They go hand in hand and have been proven  many times over.  Brushing up on your netiquette skills can only help you.  Ignoring it will not only hurt sales, but your repuation in the online world as well.

People talk, let's face it. If someone has had a negative experience from a person or even a product, that will always be remembered.  For example, if a company has a bad BBB report and as a rep you defend the company, your the one who ultimately takes the heat. Just as if you are the one who is a scammer from a a company, the company gets the black mark. 

Doing business with the future in mind must be considered.  Often times a networker sees a way to make some quick cash.  However, if you don't make good on your promise to deliver those goods and run away with the money, what have you really earned besides a bad reputation where your name is taboo.  Now no one is going to trust you and I can reassure you that word travels fast.  Before you can even get your apology out, no matter how heartfelt it is, no one will do business with you.  So now what are you left with? Was the quick buck really worth a lifetime of bad press?

We are only 3 months into 2008, and already I see the scams from the holidays really shining through.  Orders being placed with no products and cash lost.  No commissions, No refunds, nocontact, Nothing!  It really makes those of us who have a good product/service/business have to work all the more harder to prove we are who we say we are ...and that we will do as promised.  The point here is, if your going to really make a go of it in the online world of business, consider the future. If your concept is all what you believe it to be, isn't being there for the long haul worth all the effot to beat out the competition fair and square all the more rewarding? I believe so and can almost bet that most of us who work at home agree.

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Susan coils Senior   Web Design & Marketing Services for Small Business
I've said it before and I'll say it again.

Building a Reputation is More Important than Building a Downline!

Mar 5th 2008 17:31   
Beth Schmillen Professional   
Hi Linda,

thanks for your article. It is really well written and points out what San
summed up with her comment! (smiles)

Mar 5th 2008 18:11   
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