How to choose the opportunity that will make you money.

by Peter Bloch

I've been doing MLM for many years and in the beginning I didn't have the success I should have with the time and effort I put into my business.
Doesn't that sound familiar?

But I was not going to be a part of the failure stats of 95 %, so I started to look for help.

I came across "Mentoring for Free"  and I had a closer look. And yes the mentoring is completely free.

Free generic and unbiased information

"Mentoring for Free" gives generic information meaning, that regardless of you being in a MLM company at present or not, you will get unbiased information. You can use the information to boost your income in your present MLM company or use it to choose the MLM company that's right for you amongst the thousands out there.

My "Mentoring for Free" personal mentor showed me that I could never be successful in the MLM company I was in. Reasons being: my personality, the product and the pay plan just didn't fit me.
I came to the conclusion, that my mentor was right. So after a month of getting hooked into the "Mentoring for Free" conference calls and speaking to my personal mentor and using what I had learned I found the MLM company that suits me and I've never looked back since.

"Mentoring for Free" has no hidden agenda. It is free mentoring by people who have been in MLM for many years. They have achieved their success through trail and error and now want to give their experience back to the MLM system to help you avoid making the same mistakes they did and help you have the success you deserve.

"Mentoring for Free"  teaches you: "How to think, not what to think" and will tell you what you should look for in a MLM company and what to look out for.

This is what it’s all about

"Mentoring for Free" calls this: "The 5 Pillars for Success"

No matter what MLM company you are working with at present or thinking of joining it must have "The 5 Pillars" in place in order for you to be successful.

"The 5 Pillars for Success" are:

Pillar 1:   Company management experience with integrity.
Pillar 2:   Timing in the company and timing in the market.
Pillar 3:   The product.
Pillar 4:   The Pay plan.
Pillar 5:   Systems for duplication that are proven.

Save yourself from years of frustration

The information you will get from "The 5 Pillars for Success"  is vital if you want to avoid becoming frustrated because you are not earning any money, even though you are doing exactly what your sponsor is telling you to do.

 "Mentoring for Free" will literally save you years of frustration and failure.

Click here to learn what is behind "The 5 Pillars", and learn why you aren't successful at present and how to find the MLM company that will give you long term success.

Here are the tools take advantage of it

The tools are here for free and "Mentoring for Free" will teach you how to use them.

Click here and download my FREE eBook the "Success In 10 Steps" .

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