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Chris S.
Caracas, Venezuela
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Here is the compensation Plan for Empower Network. If you like what you see after watching the video, send me a message on apsense.

Empower Network Compensation Plan


Financial Freedom for those who want it. Personal Development is where it's at.
Jun 14 2007 00:22
A business opportunity that doesn't require you to drag friends and family to meetings. You have no products to stock or give away. You get paid first directly, keep your profit.  There is really not much to it other than taking action and following a simple step-by-step system. The thing I love about this business is the products, and definately the community that is here. What better people to learn from, than the Leaders who have achieved the results we are all looking for. If you want an opportunity that has the tools for success, this is it. People succeed in this business because they get the simple system... And they follow it to a "T". No re-inventing the wheel here. $25 and $100 Residual Monthly profits and $500 and $1,000 one time commissions without ANY convincing or selling.

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