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Why I got Involved in the Empower Network

You may think that I got involved in the Empower Network solely to make money online.  Sure money is great to have (of course I won't put it down), and I am sure you need more of it...but what can money do for you unless you have the time to spend it?  We all want time to spend with those we love, and do the things that we want to do.  If you're working a job than you know how valuable time is.  Time you cannot get back.

Yes, I want to finally buy my sweet red Dodge Challenger, spend a lot of time on the beach, travel the world, take my parents back to their home town (They've have never been back... yet!!)...BUT the main reason I got involved in the Empower Network:


 Why I got Involved in the Empower Network

Me and My Girl

She's the main reason I got involved in the Empower Network.  The love of my life Ana.  Currently we are not living in the same country which really sucks.  Maybe you can relate to being away from a loved one for long periods of time?   I have never met a more special girl.. she truly deserves to have her man beside her.  At this time she's working in South America and recently started her position, and I am here in Toronto Canada working at my J.O.B. and running my two businesses on the side.  This business is the catalyst which will allow me to bring us together for good, and no longer will we have to travel thousands of miles and spend thousands of dollars to visit one another.  I truly believe with every ounce of my being, that this year her and I will be completely self-employed. Love you babe! See you sooner than you think!!!!

If you want to Succeed Online, find a good Mentor(s):

The founders David Wood and David Sharpe have brought to the internet a way for anyone with a desire to succeed online, something that will change the way we do business and make money.  They have created a business model which allows even the newbie a chance at finally being successful online, and make as much money as the effort they put in.


This system has built in leverage.  Leverage is what allows us to make more money and have more time.  If you are the owner of a business, and you have employee's than you know what leverage can do.  Others are working for you, making you money, while you have more time to do the things you want.  This business model builds in leverage so that you can make money while you're sleeping, traveling, spending time with family...and without you lifting a finger.  Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that you can just sit back, do nothing, and your bank account will fill up.  With any successful business, effort is required.  You will need to take action and get your ass off the couch...turn off the "idiot box" as my Dad used to call it :)  I now understand what he meant! Thanks Dad you're the best!

My heart is set on retiring myself from my J.O.B. for good!  I love this business because the David's have set everything up for me.  I didn't have to create a website.  Didn't create any products or have to learn how to optimize my site.  I didn't have to find a merchant processor and hope for approval.  They've taken care of ALL that for me!  I log in, learn from industry professionals, blog, market, and they do all the rest for me.  And I collect 100% Commissions paid directly to me into my merchant account!


What I really respect is their integrity and how authentic David Wood and David Sharpe are.   They are straight forward, As with any business, whether it is a brick and mortar business or an online business, the leaders must have integrity and stand by their word.  There is no smoke and mirrors here.  Through all the bumps and hiccups they have been upfront with what is happening on the sidelines.

These guys have definitely created a movement.  With a strong vision for assisting anyone who is not a wussy on a mission to create a business like any other.

High-five to David Wood and David Sharpe for creating the Empower Network!!

I am grateful for finding you...thanks Tony Rush!!!!

Freedom 36 here I come!

Chris Schulz <-not a Wussy!
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