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My vision of success with SFI

SFI website has a lot of useful suggestions on how to qualify EA or EA2 without investing any money at all. So, as  I'm still fairly new in this wonderful SFI business, I think my suggestions about this same matter would be totally superfluous. Rather, I'd like to make here some considerations about managing this business with the aim of producing big money. I really mean a lot of money, not just a few hundred dollars per month. Because I think that in order to get and hold, the great motivation we need to succeed in this business, we really need to be perfectly aware that SFI Business will change substantially our lives. In a few words we need to think big. Otherwise what's the sense of all this? If it were just for making normal money, we could look for a normal job. How could we be excited, fired up, just thinking about making a few tens or hundreds of dollars per month?

So, I think that those among us who are really serious and willing to make their life a wonderful life, those who want to be exempt of all those financial worries which could literally destroy a persons existence, need to treat this business like a real business, not just like a kind of hobby. So the question is: do you know any profitable business in this world where you don't have to invest and risk a lot of money to start-up and then to run it? I don't.


Fortunately, SFI is totally different in the meaning that we dont have to invest and risk (a lot of money). Nevertheless, in my opinion, at least a few tens of dollars per month need to be invested. Why? Because what you actually want is to make BIG money to really enjoy your life. So let's make an example here:

Let's say you consider that for you, 10 000 (ten thousand) dollars per month will be enough to live the life youre dreaming of. So, what do you need to achieve this (perfectly achievable) goal? You could check the SFI earnings calculator, but I realized that this beautiful tool purposely uses very conservative number, so that the amounts provided don't appear unrealistically large. Thats why I prefer to base my income plans on the REAL NUMBERS I actually see in my Commission Reports for the previous months.

And believe me, what I see is just AWESOME!
Let's start from three facts:

1) Currently the value of each Versa Point is about $0.0005

2) The SFI Ultra-Simple 3-Step Plan teaches something that everybody in this world is able to do:                                                                                                      

                    1] Become an Executive Affiliate (EA) and remain an EA every month
                    2] Recruit five affiliates
                    3] Teach your five affiliates to do these same three steps

3) An EA has minimum 1500VP and a typical CV (Commission Value) of (only) $20CV.

That being said, lets say you decide to recruit those five affiliates and you teach them to create the same duplication within their first month. Then multiply the $ Versa Point Value for the total number of Versa Point generated by your EAs downline and you will see that in just 6 months youll achieve and surpass you initial goal of $10.000,00 (ten thousands dollars) monthly income:

MonthEA2Total EAsTotal VPMonthly Income

On top of this of course, there will be the extra income consequently generated by all the different stream included in the SFI Compensation Plan like: ECA Royalties, Direct Sales, SFIPPA (Pay Per Action) and SFI contests.

What could be the obstacle in this fantastic path to follow? Its obvious: all kind of serious and reliable businesses, in order to produce earnings, need to produce at least a minimum amount of sales, need to move money. Otherwise they cant be called business.

But here the good news is what you can also read in the earnings calculator: Estimate is based on a typical CV (commission volume) per Executive Affiliate of (only) $20.

This is Fantastic if you consider that part of the SFI business, is one of the best money-saving online stores in the world. And it is YOUR Store! Exactly; whatever your PSA and EA2 will buy at in the years to come, will produce a large monthly income for you, even if youre on holiday or just sleeping.

So, what could these EA2 (and yourself too) buy, in order to produce at least $20 in CV every month? The following is my suggestion:

  1) A IAHBE standing Order for $29 per month = $15.50 CV and 1500 Versa Points
  2) A standing Order for 20 Personal Sponsored Affiliates for $50 = $6.50 CV and 488 Versa Points
                          TOTAL $22 CV and 1988 Versa Points!

Why do I suggest to ALL serious affiliates to choose these 2 products available at


- IAHBE for a very low cost, not only includes also 1500 VP which automatically qualify us
as EA2 every month, but also bring us knowledge and tons of tools, extremely useful in building our successful SFI business.

- 20 Personal Sponsored Affiliates are fundamental in creating with no effort, no time, no risk, the duplication process we all need in order to follow the income path illustrated above. Plus; as you can see, the total of CV and VP produced by these 2 products is higher than what is requested by this plan, to achieve that monthly income. Which means that even if the duplication process goes slower than expected, the monthly income won’t be much lower than our initial goal.

So, the moral of the story is: if you don't have any other reliable, tangible and attainable strategy in place, which could lead you to earn more than $10,000 per month in 6 months, just accept the challenge, start treating your SFI business like the real business actually it is, set your goals, place your orders now, show your best Affiliates the same path you are following and NEVER, NEVER give up.

Enjoy the trip, because your destination definitely worth it.


Decide for yourself :

• No purchase requirements...ever!
• Start earning income immediately just by doing simple free actions!
• Fast upfront compensation + great long-term residual income potential!
• Get paid in your country's currency via our Payoneer MasterCard, check, PayPal, or AlertPay
• Share in profits from ALL sales at each month!

One of the big reasons for our success is our unique online storefront, TripleClicks is one of the fastest growing and most popular e-commerce sites on the Web today. And as an SFI affiliate, YOU share in its profits because it's YOUR store! With more than 88649 products (and hundreds of new products being added weekly), TripleClicks has something for everyone--and that makes online selling both lucrative and fun! Plus, through our , we've partnered with hundreds of companies from all over the world to provide you with access to exciting, high-profit products and services from right within your own country!

 But we've only just begun! Over the next 10 years, explosive worldwide growth is projected for SFI. If you'd like to get onboard and share in our growth and profits - and you're willing to put in the time and effort to build a successful business - we'd love to work with you! Thank you for reading!

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HI. Please take a look at good Experiences and Resources from Birgit N., particulary SFI. I think here you're not losing your time. Recommened.
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I recommend Birgit for online earn money at home with SFI. Thanks for sharing this type of system. Keep it up!!!!
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SFI recommendation from your kind end is awesome, it is save and stable site thanx to share such info
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Glad to meet you! How is going your work? Me too I am working in SFI. Almost one year here.
 - vangjushv February 5th, 2014

Birgit proves that there are no barriers of nation, class or knowledge when it comes to doing business in today's world :)
 - primus January 4th, 2014