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I will give you the system for free direct referrals on neobux for $5.00 

I will give you the WebAdress where you can find the System to Get Free Direct Referrals for your Neobux Account. Or, if you are not a Neobux member, you can be a Free Member and start here and now, t... Read More

I will be nice to humans for one week for $9.95 

Hi There, Being a Panda i understand the the human ego is fragile. Therefore, i will be nice and kind to you everyday for a week! Read More

I will show you how to store info. on-line for $14.00 

*You can store your diary on-line. *You can store your photos on-line. *You can save your favorite music on-line * You can store all your passwords on-line. * You can store all your downloads on-l... Read More

I will direct you to a social & savings club for $5.00 

One21 Social & Savings Club has been introduced online by a group of investors and business people who want to achieve financial freedom and help others along the way. This may sound like a recurr... Read More

I will show you how to extend your life for $5.00 

I can and will show you how you can extend your life 10-20 more than you expect to live now! Cheers! ;--) Read More

I will help pay your way in for $6.00 

*I will pay your way in to the One X/Q L Xchange program. *I will chat with you, advise you, guide you through the program. *I will encourage you to listen in on the conference calls and/or partic... Read More

I will help you to cook steak with vegetables in four... for $9.00 

we need steak, depend what you want....to melange with vegetables: onion, patatoes,carotts, telery, oil, littel water... garlic and ingredients... and more love! After all in four.... Read More

I will make any song you want to sing for $5.00 

I am a musician do you like to sing? I will make you a midi file and/or a mp3 for you to sing, I will make any song you want in the right key for your voice Read More

I will business associate-tesla plates india for $6.00 

We are vedic research and innovations, the only developers of Linda Goodman Read More

I will promot your revpages in apsense for $5.00 

i want and i can to promote your revspages in Apsense! I will create a capagne credits for your products! Give me your page, i will take your pages with autenthicity create! TRy to contact me! Read More

I will join your 3 site(ptc,surf) if are free to join for $9.00 

i want have many friends, i want earn money online, i want surf for my pleasure to know and to help, i want to make many friends! Read More

I will be your guide in romania! for $11.00 

I can be your guide, for have very good informations about my contry! I can speack french, a little english, italien... Read More