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I will show you how to create viral web pages for $8.00 

I will help you get all set up with the Mass Income Multiplier as described here ... Earn a 25% commission for getting me orders! Mass Income Multiplier (MIM) is the most advanced web-based af... Read More

I will be nice to humans for one week for $9.95 

Hi There, Being a Panda i understand the the human ego is fragile. Therefore, i will be nice and kind to you everyday for a week! Read More

I will set up a viral wp membership site for you for $28.00 

WP is the most popular blog format ... this membership site will make money for you and your affiliates - you earn a 50% commission on each sale promoting my offer! Read More

I will create a viral marketing system for you for $28.00 

It will build a list of prospects, convert them into customers and affiliates so you can grow your business automatically Read More

I will tweet to 23k followers for you for $6.00 

I will tweet you biz offers to my 23k+ followers for you for 5 days Read More

I will install wordpress & give you 20 hot products to build your list for $26.00 

The plugin comes with 20 different products for you to select from Read More

I will post you ad everyday for 5 days for $10.00 

I will post your ad everyday before approx 50k members in my downline on FB, Bizoppers, Swom and more Read More

I will submit your site to sokule's 1 click marketing machine for 3 months for $15.00 

1 Click Reports Work Like this: Your Url is submitted to: Ping Blogs and Weblogs Every 3 Days. Search Engines Every 15 Days. Backlinks Every 30 Days. Classifieds Every 15 Days. KeyWords Every ... Read More

I will ping your site every 3 days for 3months. for $5.00 

What is a Ping? A ping tells the search engines or blogs that you just submitted some important information. It tells these sites... * Where your website is. * That new content is available. ... Read More

I will promote your business on linkedin for $6.00 

I can promote your business through relevant Linkedin groups, Fcabeook business pages or my personal Twitter account Read More

I will show you how to extend your life for $5.00 

I can and will show you how you can extend your life 10-20 more than you expect to live now! Cheers! ;--) Read More

I will advertise your website through social bookmarkings for $6.00 

I can advertise your website through social bookmarkings. Social bookmarking sites can provide do-follow, permanent backlinks to increase your website rankings. Read More

I will promote your product or services for $5.00 

I can promote your products or services on my blogs or social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, hundreds of social bookmarking sites etc. Read More

I will advertise your favorite web site for $7.00 for $7.00 

Very simply I will send 10,000 visitors to your favorite website. This will be accomplished by using different traffic xchanges. In addition I will place your banner on the web. You may or may not rec... Read More

I will finding profitable investments online for $5.00 

I will search and list of online investment opportunities that offer high return on investments. Hotels, restaurants, gas stations, beach resorts, plants, business offices, fitness centers, medical fa... Read More