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I will review your writings for $6.00 

If you send your articles, rev pages and ads to me, I will read them and make suggestions on words, phrases and ideas that will improve your efforts. Read More

I will advertise your website on my te's for $5.00 

Send me your link and I will advertise your website(s) on my advertising websites for one (1) week. Read More

I will give you an online banner rotator and instantly (+ offer) for $8.00 

I will give you the ability to put all your banners on rotation inside your blog or website. With this online tool, you will make your online Banner Rotator Instantly! After all you have to do is copy... Read More

I will give you the system for free direct referrals on neobux for $5.00 

I will give you the WebAdress where you can find the System to Get Free Direct Referrals for your Neobux Account. Or, if you are not a Neobux member, you can be a Free Member and start here and now, t... Read More

I will show you how to create viral web pages for $8.00 

I will help you get all set up with the Mass Income Multiplier as described here ... Earn a 25% commission for getting me orders! Mass Income Multiplier (MIM) is the most advanced web-based af... Read More

I will be nice to humans for one week for $9.95 

Hi There, Being a Panda i understand the the human ego is fragile. Therefore, i will be nice and kind to you everyday for a week! Read More

I will write your articles, blogs and rev pages for $5.00 

I will proof and edit your articles, rev pages and blogs before posting to ensure proper English and language tenses are used. Read More

I will review your blogs before posting for $5.00 

The English language is and can be a rather complex one. I will assist you by editing and making suggestions before you post blogs and updates. Read More

I will share tips on gaining financial wealth for $8.00 

In order to get ahead in life, we have to take some changes. Some people do with stocks, others like me take a chance on financial institutions to pay out interest rates higher than the regular banks ... Read More

I will show you how to use a fast growing team build for $5.00 

Ultimate Team Success is the latest team building website on the net. We are rapidly becoming known for our efforts to help you build your downline. You will not be left behind. You will learn how ... Read More

I will set up a viral wp membership site for you for $28.00 

WP is the most popular blog format ... this membership site will make money for you and your affiliates - you earn a 50% commission on each sale promoting my offer! Read More

I will create a viral marketing system for you for $28.00 

It will build a list of prospects, convert them into customers and affiliates so you can grow your business automatically Read More

I will give you by email the 4 (+1 offer) network marketing reports to... for $9.00 

Yes, I will give you by email the "Network Marketing Reports" to Make Money online. This is a great pack with 4 Reports to make money at home with your computer. Read More

I will tweet to 23k followers for you for $6.00 

I will tweet you biz offers to my 23k+ followers for you for 5 days Read More

I will install wordpress & give you 20 hot products to build your list for $26.00 

The plugin comes with 20 different products for you to select from Read More