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Who is the best bollywood actress ?

53 answer(s).

How to use Slacker?is it really popular?

How to use Slacker?
2 answer(s).

Do you have any question? Ask your question and I will reply.?

Your question can be related to any subject or topic and I will try to reply with best of my knowledge and experience.
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Can You Solve These 2 Interesting Puzzles???

1:) There was an old person with 3 daughters living alone. Once the old person got very sick so the God of Death comes to take his soul. The oldest daughter asked the God of Death to allow her father ...
5 answer(s).

Hey guyz, What's your favorite movies you have watched?

Mine is Rang De Basanti (Bollywood) & Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Hollywood). Plz have your opinion in the comment, want a list of some good movies which I can watch.
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Any similarity in Wife & Knife?

What comes immediately in your MIND?
9 answer(s).

When a black cat crosses the street, what it means??

It's a Z black Cat.
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If you have $90M in your account, what will you do first??

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What is the purpose of your life?

What you really think about life?
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I have a friend from India. He is amazing with Nature and invite me to visit his beautiful country.?

Suggest me some beautiful places?
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