You are all right, Kuldeep and Chahar have only been able to bowl, but can you win by batting?

Asked by INDRAJEET SINGH CHAUHAN, in Sports & Recreation

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Keith Morris Innovator  Content Writer
Obviously, They can. If Lasith Malinga helped the team to win. Someday they will also prove their mettle as batsmen!
Jan 21st 2020 00:20   
Rajkumar Vistar Senior  SELL BY PROPERTY OWNER
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Jan 21st 2020 02:18   
Stat Analytica Innovator  CEO
Yes, they can win by batting only
Jan 21st 2020 04:03   
Arun Mistry Innovator  1st Net Group
Batting is 50/50 chances. Skill and understanding may play some part in increasing the odds.
Jan 25th 2020 14:47   
Ackerley Cook Freshman  Airport Transfers
if need 10 or 15 runs then possible to win
Mar 14th 2020 17:06   
Isabel Blamey Advanced  Professional writer
It is possible to win when for India Every time
May 27th 2020 06:19   
Alzbeta Berka Freshman  Health insurance in the Czech Republic
Kuldeep is more then better batsman two thoers guy
Jul 20th 2020 10:58   
Sujata Bhattacharjee Freshman  Mala India
I Think Kuldeep is better batsman to chahal
Aug 27th 2020 18:32   
Isabel Blamey Advanced  Professional writer
It is possible to win when for India Every time
Oct 29th 2020 05:52   
Andrew Martin Advanced  Hair Transplant
It is always bowling which can win you the matches in Cricket. Hence, having the genuine bowlers in the team is must.
Oct 30th 2020 06:27   
Yong Gi Advanced  Waiters and Waitresses
It is possible to win when for India Every time
Jan 30th 2021 01:44   
Souporno Ghosh Senior  Student
Yes, they can win by batting only
Feb 25th 2021 03:42   
Stephen Wright Junior  Building Management Solutions Software
Sure, there is possibibily of being a batsman for these two bowler and they get chances they can prove themselves.
Mar 24th 2021 02:30   
Khel Sale Junior  Khel sale - Buy Sports Equipment Online
Yes! I they can win the batting.
Mar 26th 2021 23:50   
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