With Whom You are going to celebrate "Happy Rose Day"?

Asked by Pankaj Sharma, in Womens Interests


Yakshit Chaudhary Advanced  Marketing Executive
with some one special
Feb 7th 2018 02:40   
Charu Gupta Committed  Works at Government
I am celebrating "Happy Rose Day" with my lovely husband..
Feb 7th 2018 04:01   
Yuranus Education Freshman  Study Abroad, IELTS Coaching & Visa Counsltancy
With my wife, I am going to celebrate "Rose Day".
Feb 7th 2018 04:08   
Elite Adventure Tours Junior  Private Luxury Tours of Los Angeles
We will celebrate "Rose Day" with my happy clients.
Feb 7th 2018 05:16   
Guillermo V. Professional   Musician
With Whom You are going to celebrate "Happy Rose Day"? With my wife
Feb 7th 2018 11:16   
Yanmin Gyip Junior  Apple Mac Technical Support Number
With Whom You are going to celebrate "Happy Rose Day"?

With my boyfriend.
Feb 7th 2018 16:58   
Indonesian Businessman Junior  Business Experts
With the special one.
Feb 7th 2018 23:48   
Wang Xiang Advanced  SEO
with my best friend which is me.
Feb 8th 2018 01:07   
Helen Chan Senior  consultant
with my lovely husband
Feb 8th 2018 01:52   
Southern Medical Junior  Southern River Medical Centre WA
My Hot Girlfriend...
Feb 8th 2018 02:31   
Sourabh Aggarwal Magnate II   SEO Manager
I have celebrated this Rose Day with my lovely Friends..
Feb 8th 2018 02:47   
Dubai Massage Plaace Freshman  Dubai Massage Plaace
Massage is one of the oldest forms of medical treatment. From infants to the elderly, massage therapy is beneficial to everyone. Regular massage therapy is a great way to reduce stress, promote general health, treat painful ailments, rehabilitate sports injuries and decompress overworked muscles.
Feb 8th 2018 05:35   
Alex Carter Advanced  Mechanic Assistant
with my dear husband
Feb 9th 2018 01:09   
Tony Smith Advanced  SEO
ha ha, it's interesting
Feb 10th 2018 03:41   
Gloria Hass Advanced  Show Host and Chief Creator
My dog because she loves me unconditionally.
Feb 15th 2018 08:42   
Charu Gupta Committed  Works at Government
With My Husband..................hehehe
Feb 17th 2018 03:35   
Pie Chan Advanced  Digital marketer
with my dearest person
Feb 19th 2018 22:38   
Steven A. Donaldson Tycoon II Premium Native speaking English teacher
I won’t celebrate happy rose day.........

I’m waiting for happy hamster day! :-)
Feb 19th 2018 23:19   
Sneha Sharma Committed  Digital Marketing Specialist
with my 2 bfs ........................................ :P
Feb 19th 2018 23:38   
Mike Ralph Advanced  NativeMedia | Asia's Leading Coupon Data Provider
I was waiting to celebrate But didn't get anyone.. LOL ;)
Feb 19th 2018 23:51   
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